After we visited the Merry Cemetery, we continued our road trip to one of the most beautiful monasteries in Romania: Barsana Monastery.

The Barsana village is situated in the valley of the Iza River in Maramures. It is well known for the Monastery that incorporates a wooden church that dates back to 1391.
The Barsana Monastery church is one of the tallest wooden churches in Romania, having 57m in height, and it is a Unesco World Heritage site.

In 1717, during a Tatar invasion, the old church was destroyed, and it was rebuilt later, in 1720.

We climbed the hill in front of the parking lot up to the Monastery. After about 100m we arrived at the main entrance of the Monastery, at the tower-Bell.

We entered the place from under the tower, beyond which, on the right side, the church appeared like sprawling towards the sky. Until recently it was the tallest wooden church in the world.
Once inside, we went into a huge garden that was very well defined, with small wooden architectural jewels. We wanted to see them all up close.

Barsana Monastery ensemble consists of: the New Church of the Monastery, the summer Altar, Aghiasmatarul, the priory, the nuns’ house, the confessor’s house, the tower-bell and the museum. And being a nun monastery, they are taking care of everything here.

The new Church was built between 1993-1995. It is located in the eastern part of the Monastery complex and it is used for worship. It is also the spiritual center of the whole ensemble.
The church is 22,57 meters long.
The Summer Altar was built between 1996-1997. It is made in the same specific style of popular architecture in Maramures. It’s placed in the middle of the monastic place.
Nuns’ house is located in the north-west part of monastery ensemble. It is a building on three levels: the basement, the ground floor and the first floor. The building has terraces adorned with flowers in front of each level. Which were so beautiful.

The Aghiasmatar completes the whole monastery ensemble and it is in a central location. It has four entrances and a fountain in the middle.
All the monastic buildings from Bârsana were built in Maramures popular style.
The church was manually carved by some of the most talented craftsmen from Maramures. No power tools or nails were used to put this impressive construction together. The monastic compound is made of wood as well, according to the local tradition. Only Barsana craftsmen are building the compound.

We just walked around the monastery and we were just overwhelmed by the view and by the place.

How to reach it

Access the Barsana Monastery: it is found at 23 km from the Sighetul Marmatiei town, on DJ 185, in Barsana village. In front of the Monastery there is a big parking lot where you can leave your car.



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  1. Ziua buna, ni ca am nimerit asta treaba despre maramuresul a nost drag, si va apreciez ca dati mai departe lumii despre Maramures.
    no, sa nu va deranjeze sa las pagina tot despre noi: Va multamim iar,
    si va zicem numa bunatati la tati.

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