Sighisoara is a medieval town in the heart of Transylvania, Romania, with a history dating back to the 1100s. Split in two parts: Old Town is home to all major tourist attractions within the medieval city wall, versus Lower Town where is the everyday hustle and bustle of Sighisoara.

With cobbled streets, colorful buildings, and a pedestrian-friendly Old Town, it is not difficult to fall in love with Sighisoara.

  1. Just walk around the citadel and you will love the atmosphere. The historical center of Sighisoara is small enough to wander and walk around within an hour.

There’s no place like Sighisoara if you wish to step back in time to the medieval ages. This walking tour will cover up to 3 km in total, most of them on traditional cobbled streets on the citadel hill. For this reason, I recommend you to wear comfortable sports shoes.

Up on the Church hill
  1. Eat traditional Transylvanian dishes

When we speak about the Transylvanian gastronomy, we speak about meat, potatoes, sour cream and tarragon. And when you are visiting a city filled with history, you cannot help but be interested in the local gastronomy, too. Beside the citadel and the high towers, the museums and the medieval festivals, Sighisoara is a city that offers authentic food.
What should you try? Well, there’s the bean soup with bone in bread, the deer goulash, the cauliflower soup with sour cream or the sour cherry pie that make a meal become unforgettable. The bean soup with bone in bread, an authentic Romanian dish, can be served with an onion salad or chili peppers. Of course, for the meal to be complete, we cannot forget about the well known plum brandy, a traditional alcoholic drink. And for the ones that prefer something lighter, we recommend the cherry brandy of Transylvania, the most popular homemade drink, macerated from fruits and sugar.

  1. Don’t miss the Festival of Medieval Arts and Crafts in July

Re-creating a medieval atmosphere, complete with troubadour music and costume parades, street entertainers and handicraft displays, open-air concerts and medieval ceremonies, this event offers the chance to immerse yourself in the lore and legends of medieval Transylvania.

The guards of the citadel
  1. Refresh yourself with coffee, salads, ice-cream and other snacks in Casa Cositorarului.
    Inside you can find a cozy place and outside there is a small terrace.

    Tasty things in Casa Cositorarului
  2. Try some medieval costumes. You will definitely feel like a royally.
    There is a place in the citadel from where you can rent them from.
  3. Enjoy the colorful streets of Sighisoara.
    You will immediately notice one thing: the colors of Sighisoara. Basically every building is painted in a bright pastel color that gives the town a vibrant look.

    Streets in Sighisoara

    Colours in the Citadel
  4. Your should climb to the Clock tower which not only has great views, but also a little museum inside.
    View from the Clock Tower

    Clock Tower
  5. Visit Biserica din Deal – The church on the hill.

First mentioned in a document in 1345, its construction lasted almost 200 years. You can pay a small admission fee to visit the church, but you will have the change to a guided tour, where you can find lots of interesting information.

  1. Go for a bike ride around the town and out to one of the villages

The small Transylvanian villages are still having the same  medieval charm.You have to discover the amazing world of Transylvanian fortresses and churches, included in UNESCO World Heritage. Fore sure you will enjoy biking in a natural and authentic environment. The trail passes along country roads and pastoral landscapes far from the crowded tourist routes. You will definitely enjoy the incredible Transylvanian scenery.

Biking in Viscri



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