Cappadocia is honeycombed with caves. Many were built by hand in the soft volcanic rock hundreds if not thousands of years ago. The caves have been used as homes, monasteries, churches and now hotels. In Goreme alone there are over 30 cave hotels offering everything from one star to five star accommodation.

I’ll be honest; the thought of sleeping in a cave hotel in Cappadocia was one of the reasons, among many, why I had decided to spend my birthday there. Cappadocia in Turkey’s central Anatolian region, truly is right out of a fairytale with a spectacular landscape of caves, fairy chimneys, pinnacles and unique soft rock formations as a result of volcanic activity and erosion.
We’d chosen to base ourselves in the town of Goreme because accommodation here had fit perfectly into our budget and we would be close to our areas of interest.

We booked our accommodation via booking, and after the great reviews we choose Bedrock Cave Hotel. It is a traditional cave hotel in Goreme located close to the town sunset view and fairy chimneys which also has a terrace with a great panoramic view.
The hotel provides a choice of traditional cave rooms. All rooms have a modern and suite bathroom.
Once we booked the hotel, we received an email from Ozan, the owner of the hotel, giving us all the information and offering all the support. Actually, Ozan helped us book everything in Cappadocia; from airport transfer to renting a bike. I don’t know what else you could ask for.

We booked, of course, a cave room in order to try the experience.

After a short flight, we were finally in Cappadocia, the land of fairytale chimneys and rock cut churches, and I couldn’t wait to see what the fuss was all about.
So, after the airport transfer, we reached the hotel eager to see our room.
If you’re picturing a creepy, bat-ridden cavern, you’re sorely mistaken. This ain’t Fred and Wilma’s home! The rooms are comfortable and beautifully decorated.

Bedrock Cave Hotel has different levels and multiple rooms, each unique and special in its own way. Some rooms were built from stone, while others were created from existing caves or “fairy chimneys”.

Some rooms are spacious and designed with luxurious touches, while others are cozy and kept simple to highlight the features of the fairy chimney.

We appreciated the modern comforts of hot water and strong Wi-Fi, but also loved that the cave walls were left natural and the décor was understated so that you didn’t forget you were in a cave (though I don’t think you would!).

Being a carved into a natural rock formation, you will hear all the time small rocks falling from the walls. In the morning, when we woke up we felt like it had been snowing with cave dust. It wasn’t bad, interesting I might say.

We walked out of our room, went up to the rooftop and could almost not believe the fantastic landscape. We had our breakfast here and we could stay like for hours just enjoying the view.

The staff at Bedrock Cave Hotel, our host, was extremely warm and friendly and helped us plan our daily activities, advising us about interesting tours, activities. They were very honest about the things we could do on our own and we found that his recommendations were great. The staff is wonderful and it’s nice to see that they help you book activities depending on your budget, interests and time and do not pressure you to go with a particular operator. On Ozan’s  recommendation, we booked almost everything with Gorgeous Travel visiting and doing everything that can be done in Cappadocia and found the tour was high quality and very enjoyable.

Carved right out of towering cliff faces, these caves date back to the 5th and 6th century when Cappadocia was shaped by works of nature. These caves, rich in history and heritage, are now protected by the Turkish authorities. This is why although they are renovated and decorated, the caves are still kept in their original structure. Any sort of reform or overhaul is not allowed by law.

To get an opportunity to actually sleep in a genuine cave inevitably makes one feel privileged.



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