From Guilin we took the river cruise to Yangshuo – a town in the heart of some seriously stunning scenery.

In Yangshuo, the town itself doesn’t offer much to do. There are lots of tourist stalls and shops, but the real appeal is the surrounding area so during the days, we set about exploring as much of the area as we could. There is the moon cave that look impressive from afar or the bamboo rafting down the river, and we might have done these if we have stayed longer. There’s also a daily night show, which features a light show and a dance display from the director of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. It’s also the only way to see cormorant fishing displays.
But by far, the best ways to experience the Yangshuo are via bicycle or motorbike.  These can be hired from almost everywhere. 

Even if you’re not the most confident rider, it’s quite easy to navigate the Yangshuo area where sights are spread over a vast area.We spent a day riding from Yangshuo to the countryside to the emerald green rice fields sprinkled across. Every time we turned back our head, we kept finding incredible views.
At one point we arrived in a remote village where we witnessed local children playing in the river waters. It was a perfect image. The perfect definition of happiness. We just couldn’t leave that place.

To witness a sunset in these parts is magical and I have no words to express it. You have to try it for yourself.


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