1. In Danube Delta, reed stretches on over 1,750 square km making it the largest compact reed area in the world.
  2. Here you can find the lowest population density in Romania. A person for each 300,000 square meters.
  3. Sulina is situated at the lowest altitude in Romania.

  1. Also, Sulina is the only city in Romania having ports on both the Danube and Black Sea.
  2. In Danube Delta two carnivorous plants can be found: Utricularia vulgaris and Aldrovanda.
  3. Danube Delta is the richest fishery in Romania.
  4. The fish species with the longest migration range can be found here. Eel fish travel 8000 km to the Sargasso Sea, where they reproduce and then die.

  1. The only sand forests in Romania are found in the Danube Delta.
    In Cararoman forest there is a 400 old oak.
  2. Danube is the second longest river in Europe (after Volga that is 3690 kilometers long). Given that Volga is only crossing Russia, which is a non-EU country, you can say that the Danube is the longest river in the European Union.
  3. Danube is the only river that is flowing from West to East. Most flowing waters have a North to South course.


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