To choose a Maldives island for vacation is not simple at all. How to choose out of 1900 islands?
So you have to make a plan according to what is more important for you: the budget or the Maldivian paradise.
We choose the best of the both worlds. A budget accommodation in a local island (Maafushi) and daily trips to these “bounty” style resorts islands.First Island that we visited was Fihalhohi Island.
We paid 100 USD/ per person (30 USD for the speed boat and 70 USD for one day resort pass with all inclusive) and spend one day at the resort island.

Situated within the South Male Atoll, Fihalhohi Island Resort features crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and lush greenery. It is 28 kilometers away from Male airport. Fifty minutes by speedboat from Airport and fifteen from Maafushi and you can disembarked on Fihalhohi Island. Some even claimed it is one of the best reefs among the not-so-expensive resorts of the Maldives.

The resort has several two-floor bungalows with four rooms. Most of them are located on the southern part of the island.
The Classic bungalows are located on the best beach.
The water bungalows were a sight to behold! I was completely mesmerized with them.
When I came back to Maafushi I checked the price of the standard room at Fihalhohi island Resort, Maldives. It was about 240 dollars without taxes. I didn’t even bother to check the water bungalows as I am sure they would be much more expensive. They surely looked good though.

On the island, lush natural green foliage and hundreds of shady coconut trees lining along white sandy beaches covering an area of about 80,000 square meters. Only a limited area of the island has been developed to make the stay comfortable without disturbing too much the natural surrounding beauty.
You will find also very photogenic swing and the highest number of crabs per square meter.

It is true: Maldives Islands fully correspond to this “postcard” image we have in mind about it, all with sunbathing on its beautiful beaches and snorkling into turquoise water, surrounded by beautiful fish. This is clearly the best choice to relax and do nothing the whole day. Otherwise, that’s pretty much it: you are on an small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, there’s not much you can do! Staying more than 1-2 days you can seriously get bored.


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