Sao Poao Festival in Porto

Porto is Portugal’s second largest city, and the Ribeira district is a world heritage zone of winding streets and churches that maintain the old-world feeling you expect from such a historic city. With two days to spend away from Vigo city (Spain), to visit Porto it was a perfect getaway plan, not to mention that we drooped right in the middle of Sao Poao Festival. So, in the morning we went to Vigo’s train station and we took the train to Portugal. In about two hours we were in Porto in the famous train station, Sao Bento. It is not a typical train station. Its massive walls are decorated with approximately 20,000 azulejo tiles, depicting the history of Portugal. I loved how a space so beautiful was used for something as commune as a train station. Sao Joao Festival We visited Porto in a day of celebration, it was Sao Joao…


Perched on the steep banks of the River Douro, Porto is Portugal’s second-largest city. It became a modern city with plenty to offer beyond…