Belogradchik fortress in Bulgaria

It was a spontaneous decision to take a road trip to Bulgaria before New Year’s eve. We entered Bulgaria from Ruse and drove for about 2 hours to our first stop: Prohodna Cave. And after that, another two hours to Belogradchik village, to see the famous rocks. However, we didn’t quite realize what an amazing destination we’d chosen. As we turned off the main road, bizarre rock formations started to appear and following the tourist signs was no longer needed as we drive through winding roads and closer to a mystical wonderland. Huge rocks colored in a mix of reds, oranges and yellows topple more than 200 meters high above and all around us. Spread over 30 kilometers in length and three kilometers wide, they dominate the scenery with their strange shapes. We were just blown away! Before we visited it , we had this idea that the rocks can only be seen inside…

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