Staying at Cabana Ceas cu Cuc, in Breaza.

We are nature lovers and every time we have some days off, we try to enjoy the beauty of nature. Romania is a very beautiful country. We are blessed with majestic mountains, great seaside, splendid delta, secluded villages, history, culture, amazing people, great food, art and entertainment…and the list could go on. But a perfect weekend getaway is always in the mountains, or at least close to there. Cabana Ceas cu Cuc is a place of charm and immerse in the middle of nature. It is a family business run by some amazing people from Bucharest that have just started this rental. The cabin has a great location on the top of a hillside in Breaza, in Gura Beliei. It is surrounded by 4000 sqm of nature. Just imagine 4000sqm of orchards of different fruits, which stretch around the surrounding hills. The ideal place to get away from the busy…

Relaxing in the Yu Garden in Shanghai

Shanghai. A huge, bustling metropolis. China’s biggest city. Its financial nerve center. A city in a constant move and development but in the middle of everything there is a Garden Oasis called Yu Yuan Garden. Yu Yuan Garden is one of the top tourist attraction in Shanghai. And unfortunately, it is now crowded with tourist shops everywhere.  But despite this, it is still amazing. If you are in Shanghai, it’s a perfect attraction to visit before going to the Shanghai Bund. A little bit of history Yu Garden was first built in 16 century during the Ming Dynasty by Pan Yunduan as a relaxation place for his father, the minister Pan En. The construction took almost 20 years to be complete but once completed, it was the largest and most prestigious of its kind in Shanghai. The huge expenses of the construction eventually ruined Pan Family. Actually, Yu Yuan is a complex formed by two things:…

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