brukenthal palace


Staying at Brukenthal Summer Palace in Transylvania

Just imagine! 18th century. An enchanting palace in Transylvania at the foothill of Făgăraş Mountains; A palace inspired by Viennese architecture and a ballroom that hosted parties that all high society of the time attended. Glamour, power, beauty, elegance, stunning gardens and good music. This were the glorious moments of Brukenthal Summer Palace. Of course, this was in the 18th century, but the palace still remains today and we had the opportunity to spend a night here after 250 years of history. Let me tell you a little bit about this place. Brukenthal Summer Palace in Avrig was the former summer residence of Baron von Brukenthal, who was the famous governor of Transylvania two centuries ago, It was designed in Baroque style of the era between 1760-1764. The domain of Avrig includes the palace, the park and the orangery building, now arranged as a restaurant, event room, and hotel. The Palace It…

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