Going crazy with a “Mad Max” experience in Paracas desert

Paracas represents the coastal desert region famous for Ballestas Island and Paracas National Reserve. Paracas national Reserve is one of the biggest protected desert reserves in South America; desert and ocean. It covers more than 3,000 kilometers of which 65% of it is sea and 35% is dry land and islands. It is considered one of the richest and most uncommon ecosystems in the world, but the attraction is not only its wildlife but also the beauty of the ocean and desert landscapes. We spent a day and a night here and we had the chance to experience a glimpse of what it can offer. After lunch, we rented some buggies and we started our mad driving adventure in the desert. We drove for 10 min to the Paracas National Reserve from our hotel, paid an entrance fee and started discovering the desert along the Paracas coast which was thrilling. We…

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