Cappadocia | The Ultimate Travel Guide

Thanks to the irresistible generosity of Mother Nature, Cappadocia (The Land of the Beautiful Horses) is a unique holiday place. The soil is formed of a very soft volcanic terrain, ash and lava eroded from volcanoes. Rivers, streams, snow and ice shaped this ground.  Erosion is the source of this supernatural landscape. However, Cappadocia’s bog reputation as being a magnificent place to visit is also thanks to the generous hospitality of its inhabitants. Cappadocia was strategically located at the crossroads of major communication and trading routes like the “silk road”, was also the cradle of different civilizations over the century. So, for sure you will be amazed by these discoveries. When to go Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to visit Cappadocia. The weather is moderate with cooler temperatures and thinner crowds. Summer can get pretty hot and it’s the busiest time of the year with tourists flocking in.…

Top 12 awesome things to do in Cappadocia

In more ways than one, Cappadocia will leave you breathless. The rough, yet elegant landscape of Cappadocia kept me daydreaming for many years. We were able to visit this famous region of central Anatolia this year, at the end of May. From the ground with its caves and selenic look to the hot air balloons flying over the land of Fairy Chimneys, Cappadocia will take your breath away. We’ve been to many beautiful places during our travels but none as remarkable as this. Without a doubt one of the unique landscapes on the planet, if Cappadocia isn’t on your bucket list, then it should be 1. Stay in a typical Cappadocia Cave Hotel Cappadocia is honeycombed with caves. Many were built by hand in the soft volcanic rock hundreds if not thousands of years ago. The caves have been used as homes, monasteries, churches and now hotels. In Göreme alone…