Cuba after Fidel Castro’s death

To understand what is going on in this country, you should know its history and the events that led to the way Cuba is today. The island was originally inhabited by Amerindians and after the arrival of Christopher Columbus, Cuba became a Spanish colony for the next 200 years. During all this time, Cuba has transformed itself into one of the largest exporters of sugar, tobacco and slave markets in the world. The colonial houses, that we can see today, were built that time. Spanish occupation ended in 1898 with the end of the Spanish-American War. Cuba gained independence in 1902, followed by a period of economic development, tourism and it was also a sexual paradise for many Americans. A kind of Las Vegas of the Latin America. Many Americans moved their businesses here, because of favorable laws. They were the ones who brought the famous cars from the 60’s, which…

20 things you should know before traveling to Cuba

The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba feeds itself with the energy of every aspect of its culture: music, dance, history, classic cars and of course Che Guevara. From the first moment you step off the plane, till the moment you take off, you will enjoy a unique experience and this is for sure. But before traveling to Cuba you should know a few things: You need a visa The formalities for obtaining it are not that difficult. If you travel through an agency, they will take care of that, or you can go to the Cuban Embassy with plane tickets, passport, insurance will get a Tarjeta Turistica. You must have medical insurance Medical insurance is mandatory for Cuba. Inform your bank of you departure Your bank may consider your transactions in Cuba fraudulent transactions and block your card. Better inform them in advance. Travel with as little baggage as…