Experiencing a real oasis in Huacachina

After the beautiful and wild Paracas we went dipper in the desert arriving to Huacachina. Huacachina is a real desert oasis and the first that I m seeing ever. It is the only natural desert oasis and has the largest sand dunes in South America. How to get Public busses The public busses won’t take you directly to Huacachina. You will have buses almost from each town: from Lima, Cusco, Paracas but it will take only to Ica and from here take a taxi till the oasis. Of couse, it will be more difficult if you do the steps separately, but it will be cheaper. Bus from Lima to Ica is 10-15 usd taxi from Ica to Huacachina is 1 usd, entrance fee in Huacachina is 3 usd. PeruHop Is another option that we tried. The Peru bus took us from Paracas directly to Huacachina, and this was part of…

Going crazy with a “Mad Max” experience in Paracas desert

Paracas represents the coastal desert region famous for Ballestas Island and Paracas National Reserve. Paracas national Reserve is one of the biggest protected desert reserves in South America; desert and ocean. It covers more than 3,000 kilometers of which 65% of it is sea and 35% is dry land and islands. It is considered one of the richest and most uncommon ecosystems in the world, but the attraction is not only its wildlife but also the beauty of the ocean and desert landscapes. We spent a day and a night here and we had the chance to experience a glimpse of what it can offer. After lunch, we rented some buggies and we started our mad driving adventure in the desert. We drove for 10 min to the Paracas National Reserve from our hotel, paid an entrance fee and started discovering the desert along the Paracas coast which was thrilling. We…

An incredible night in Sahara desert

As soon as I began to think about Morocco, I started to think about the colors, the Moroccan flavors, the morning song of the muezzin, the delicious food and most of all I was thinking about the Sahara desert. I wanted to ride a camel on the red-orange dunes, to sleep under the star, to play in the sand and experience everything in between.Well, it was not quite what I was expected, but surely it was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.  Let me tell you the story. We spent 1 week and Morocco, and when I say we, I mean a group of 20 people that only knew each other on the airport on the way to Morocco. In this article I will focus only on the Sahara experience, although we had plenty of adventures also in the rest of the Moroccan trip.…

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