15 Amazing Things to do in Valencia

Valencia was founded by the Romans. After the Romans, one by one the Visigoths, the Muslims and the Arabs arrived in Valencia. Among all, the Arabs left a profound legacy with their irrigation systems, recipes and artistic influences that are relevant and noticeable right up to the present day. Valencia offers a great combination of city strolling, sun and beach, old and new with fantastic things to choose from, and plenty of cool things to do! We were lucky enough to be shown around Valencia by two friends who are living in this beautiful part of Spain. 1. Relax with breakfast & Valencian orange juice, at Plaza de la Virgen First thing that you should do is to acclimatize to the local pace of life. Relax, breath and take your time to enjoy this city. And then start you day with a breakfast in the historic sites of this ancient city. In Valencia…

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