Strolling the Forbidden city in Beijing

Beijing has a history of about 3,000 years. It first became the capital of a big regional empire under the Mongols in 1271. After that, it continued to be the capital of the Ming and Qing empires, and it was the capital of modern China for most of the 20th century. A city that is continuing reinventing itself. New buildings, new roads, and new sports venues seem to spring up overnight. The cityscape is changing yearly but at the same time, Beijing remains the center of tradition, with the treasures of nearly 2,000 years. Few places on Earth can match the extraordinary historical panorama on display in Beijing. There are six Unesco World Heritage Sites in this city alone (just one less than the whole of Egypt). At its heart is the magnificent Forbidden City, a royal palace on a scale like no other. For five centuries, it was the…