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12 Amazing Things to do in Peru

From the deserts of the Pacific coast to the Amazon rainforest, from the world’s tallest navigable lake to the world’s largest tropical mountain range, Peru offers a wide range of landscapes and such different climate zones. And among mountains, forests and deserts are the remains of dozens of ancient civilizations. So, Peru has it all and it is so difficult to make a top because everything is so amazing in their own way. Below I will try to select only a few of the fantastic things that Peru has to offer. Discover the Magic of Machu Picchu When you think of Peru, there is only one thing that comes to your mind – Machu Picchu. It is indeed one of the most beautiful attractions in Peru. This Inca city, uncovered during the Spanish conquest, forgotten and undisturbed for centuries, is located in the most amazing area, surrounded by beautiful mountains,…

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