Rihiveli Island – The Maldivian style

As I told you before, Maldives is divided into two categories: Resort Islands and Local Islands. Resort Islands are where all the beautiful over water villas are, while local islands are for local residents but recently, locals have started to venture into the hospitality industry, as more and more hotels/guesthouses are built to cater for tourism. This actually helps the local economy as they use to only rely on fishing as their primary source of income. We choose to stay in a local island, Maafushi, is fairly affordable and from here we booked many trips and excursions. We had a day trip to Fihalohohi Island resort and we were so please about it that we decided to book a second day trip to a resort. This time we choose to go to Rihiveli Island. The island is situated at the South of the South Male Atoll at 49 Kilometers away…

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