Aegina Island

Only 20km away from Athens lies one of the most beautiful islands of Saronic archipelago. After a 40 minutes ride by fast ferry, you can step on Aegina island. It is perfect for a day-trip or weekend getaway destination from Athens. Once in the port, you will understand why Aegina Island is the pistachio island. The islanders use it for everything: simple pistachios, pistachios with salt or lemon, pistachios, pistachio ice cream, pistachios, caramelized pistachios, pistachios, pistachios and just about any other combination goes through your mind. The island is small and doesn’t have so many attractions but the real reason you should come here is for enjoying the view and the good food. The best way to explore the island is on foot, by bicycle or scooter. This is what we did as soon as we reached the island, but not before enjoying a perfect Frappe and the Greek…

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