street art


Strolling across Comuna 13 in Medellin

Our next stop was the famous “Comuna 13” which had the most tumultuous history of the city, which was once known as the most dangerous community due to its huge homicide rates and forced displacement of thousands of residents. Comuna 13 is an over-populated and poor place situated on the west city hills. Houses are placed on top of the other like in a huge lego puzzle. This place was the center of paramilitary, guerrilla and gang activity because of its location that provided easy transportation of guns, drugs, and money. But today this place looks new as if it was reborn from its own ash. The neighborhood has embraced an era of freedom and hope! Nowadays residents aren’t afraid to leave their homes and their quality of life has increased.They started to express themselves through art like graffiti, street dance and music. Here I’ve seen the most beautiful graffiti ever. The walls became a canvas…

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