Traditional Food in Peru

Peruvian cuisine is famous all over the world and it is based on the inheritance of the Incas, but with a lot of Spanish, Italian and Japanese influences. The basic products are the potato, quinoa, corn and beans, sometimes combined with chicken, beef, lama or alpaca meat. Potatoes Peru has more than 5,000 types of potatoes, which first appeared in the high plateau of Lake Titicaca. Lomo saltado This is another Peruvian famous dish and one of our favorite. I think I ate Lomo Saltado every day during our tour across Peru. It is a stir-fry mix that combines beef and vegetables like onion, tomatoes, peppers and it is served with french fries and rice. Cheviche It is a dish that contains raw fish or seafood which are marinated in citrus juice. It is served cold with a mix of onions and corn. It is best to be eaten on…

Night Markets in Beijing

Having more than 11 million inhabitants, Beijing has a lot of people to feed.So at almost every city corner, there is another food market. In fact, there are hundreds of different kinds of foods being offered up across town, some coming from recipes that date back literally thousands of years ago, from China and beyond. Expect Hui, Mongolian and Manchurian ethnic flavors as well as foods that date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. Beijing is home to some incredible food places especially night markets. You can find anything and everything in these hustling, bustling bazaars: Wangfujing Food Market If you’re a first-timer in Beijing, Wangfujing Dajie (Street) is a must see. It has tons of hotels nearby, cool people and stores for everyone. Donghuamen Street Market A few minutes away and just around the corner from the Wangfujing food market is its kid brother. After its pedestrianization, Donghuamen…

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