Stand up paddle boarding in Alanya

It was a chill morning, when I stepped on the wet, cold sand. The sky was cloudy between the clouds you could see the sun rising. The effect was spectacular. Rays of sunlight and an orange glow created a magical aura of celestial beauty around the horizon while the clouds above me blotted out the brightness of the sun. The sea was calm, it was just perfect for a morning Stand up paddle boarding, aka SUP. Basically, SUP uses a surf style board and a long paddle. In that regard, it is a cross between canoeing and surfing. It has its roots where all board sports have their beginnings, in Hawaii. Even if you’ve never tried it, many of you have probably seen stand-up paddle boarding, or SUP, over the past few years—it’s one of the fastest growing outdoor activities. Stand up paddling can be done in a variety of forms such as on flat…

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