Viscri – The Transylvanian village that charmed Prince Charles

Deep in the heart of Transylvania lies a village, a village lost in time where life is lived like in the old days. The name of this village is Viscri and it went directly to the heard of Price Charles of Wales. This summer we decided to stay in Viscri for one weekend. One weekend in a medieval village that lays in the middle of Romania, in Transylvania, rounded by green hills, meadows, beech and oak forests just like in a fairy-tale. The history of this village goes back in time to 1231 when Germanic refugees settled here and formed a small village, around a fortified church. The main activity of the peasants was agriculture. The beauty of this place, untouched nature, traditions and people that still live here like in the old days, make anyone fall in love with this place How to reach Viscri Being a small village in…

Fabrica de mici, Bucharest

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when visiting a new country? I’ll tell you what mine is…food! Yup, I love food and I love trying new things whenever I go someplace I have never been before. What better way to discover it, the country, than tasting all kind of interesting, weird type of cuisine. Romania. A country in Europe, my country. What would I recommend? “Mici”! Where to have “mici”? You can have them all over, but unique kind of mici you can taste at “Fabrica de Mici” in the capital Bucharest. Small, cozy, tasty. The “mici” here are different than the mici you will find in other restaurants. Different how, you will ask…oh, well, come and see for yourself. There are 4 types you can choose from, the classic, the kebab, the spicy and the veggie, and you can enjoy them with a side dish of…