Beijing to Shanghai by High-Speed Train

In our 15 days of touring across China we have traveled by every means of transportation possible: from domestic flights, high-speed trains, slow regional trains, buses, cable cars, fast elevators, boats, electric scooters or bikes, but by far the best experience, was traveling by the fastest train in China from Beijing to Shanghai. In 2017, China keeps the world’s record for the largest high-speed rail (HSR) network with a length totaling over 22,000 km, including 12,500 km of rail routes allowing trains at a speed above 250 km/h and there is a plan to enlarge to 30,000 km by 2020 and 38,000 km by 2025 and no country in the world does infrastructure development like China. We saw it with our own eyes. The world’s longest HSR line, Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway, will extend with 2,298 km and is expected to run to Hong Kong in 2018. Currently, only 16 countries and…