20 Things to know before going to Maldives

Most of the people go to the Maldives to have a pleasant stay in a luxury resort and they don‘t have any idea about the country itself. They just fly to a resort island, relax there, get some tan, eat a lot of western food, and fly away back to their countries. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing bad in doing that since I’m also the kind of person that loves to get spoiled from time to time. Most people don‘t see the real Maldivian life. You need to live among locals in order to understand their culture, their way of life. Before you visit the Maldives you should know some things: 1. It’s Made Up of Almost 1200 Small Islands The Maldives is made up of around 1,190 individual islands, peppered across the Indian Ocean. Some are so small that even won’t appear on the maps. 2. Not All of the Islands Are Inhabited…

Cies Islands – The Islands of the gods

One day I saw a picture of an amazing beach and I fell in love with it. It was called the Cies Islands. I didn’t know anything about it but I told to myself that we have to go there…and two months later we were there. Somewhere in the Galician Land, there are three Islands: The Cies Islands which are Vigo’s greatest treasure. These islands are part of the Atlantic Islands National Park and one of the Galicia’s most beautiful places, which is why the Romans named them the islands of the gods. The Cies archipelago means three islands: Monte Agudo, O Faro and San Martino. The first two are connected by a long strip of sand which is Rodas Beach and a bridge between the ocean and the inner lake. Imagine a paradise beach with crystalline waters, in a natural environment that makes it a unique wildlife observatory, bordered by…