The colorful streets of Cartagena

We reached the colonial city of Cartagena where the Latin spirit feels at home: colorful clothes, salsa, street dance, football and passionate people. Cartagena is famous for its culture, history and colourful colonial buildings and of course its fascinating history. From Santa Marta we took a bus that arrived in Cartagena late at night. From the bus station we caught a taxi to our hotel in Gistemaní neighborhood near the old town. That night we took part in a very interesting race on the crowded city streets. We thought that our drivers were a bite crazy but later on we realized that this was their way of driving and we were very happy to reach the hotel in one piece. At night, the town was alive, bars were full, and people were partying on the streets. We could tell that the city had its own energy. Our hotel was a very old…

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