Bioparc I A piece of Africa in Valencia

One of my favorite things in Valencia is the Bioparc. So with our recent visit in Valencia we couldn’t miss strolling among these amazing jewels of Africa. Normally I don’t visit zoos, because I don’t like the idea of animals to be kept in cages for our amusement, but this Bioparc in Valencia is different, so maybe this is the reason why I like it so much. It was opened in 2008 and the park is creating a very true and accurate reconstruction of Africa’s wild life. Located in the Valencian ‘Cabecera’ park this Zoo was created based on a new technique that tries to introduce people to the natural habits of the wild animals. The animals live here as they would live in the wild, in groups of the same species in the same natural habitat, which is separated by natural barriers of rocks, rivers and bridges. I love that Bioparc has respect for…

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