One of the things I liked most in Varadero was our Cayo Blanco trip. It cost us 59 Euro/pers.

Cayo Blanco is an uninhabited island not far from Varadero. It is a sort of dream island with its turquoise waters, white sandy beach with palm trees.

Cayo Blanco seen from the boat

The morning of the trip we got up excited and ready for sunbathing and fun, but the weather played a trick on us. It’s raining! Hmmm! what could we do?! So we postponed the trip for the next day.

The next day a bus took us to the Chapelin Marina, where we boarded a comfortable and very welcoming catamaran.
I haven’t lingered too long in the port and sailed pretty fast for our adventure. The first stop was for snorkeling (equipment included in the same price) where we didn’t t see much. Maybe another time of year the fauna is more abundant, but now there were only a few small colored fishes.

On the way to Cayo Blanco

Soon we anchored in Cayo Blanco. Wow!!! What a Caribbean island.

As soon as we got off the boat we headed to the beach and took a little walk beside the sea.
Eh well … words could not describe the image we saw. I’ll let the pictures speak.

Cayo Blanco
Beach in Cayo Blanco

After the walk, lunch was a delight (and this included in the tour price). It contained a wide variety of seafood from lobster, shrimp and also fish, chicken and it was accompanied by traditional Cuban music.

Mini-port in Cayo Blanco
The way to the beach
Beach in Cayo Blanco

The next hours till the departures were spent in the clear crystal water.
On the way back entertainment was ensured by boat attendants with whom we had lot of fun.

This trip was worth the money and we felt great.

A bath in shallow waters

On the way back to Varadero
Together with our nice entertainer



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