Deep in the heart of Transylvania lies a village, a village lost in time where life is lived like in the old days.
The name of this village is Viscri and it went directly to the heard of Price Charles of Wales.
This summer we decided to stay in Viscri for one weekend. One weekend in a medieval village that lays in the middle of Romania, in Transylvania, rounded by green hills, meadows, beech and oak forests just like in a fairy-tale.

The history of this village goes back in time to 1231 when Germanic refugees settled here and formed a small village, around a fortified church. The main activity of the peasants was agriculture.
The beauty of this place, untouched nature, traditions and people that still live here like in the old days, make anyone fall in love with this place

How to reach Viscri

Being a small village in the middle of Transylvania, reaching here will not just be a walk in the park. The distance between Bucharest and Viscri is about 260 km.

  1. Reach Bucharest by plane

Henry Coanda is an international airport so it is easy to be reached by plane.

  1. Rent a car

You will have the possibility to rent a car and the cost will be somewhere between 18-90 Euro depending of the brand.

  1. Drive from Bucharest to Brasov on DN1 and then from Brasov to Viscri on DN13 / E60.

We arrived in Viscri Friday night, about mid night. The village was shrouded in silence and we went directly to our magic house.

Where to sleep

There are no hotels here, only the refurbished old houses that can be rented.
So you will have the possibility to sleep in an old authentic Transylvanian house.
We spent our weekend in Viscri 125, a house full of interesting stories of the past. All rooms are decorated and furnished using traditional details like sächsisch beds. Which we found it very interesting.

The restaurant was actually an old barn transformed by blending original wooden structure with modern elements that create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The restaurant also has a generous deck facing the intensely green backyards and the vegetable garden.

Here the food was wow.. simply just a thrill. The bread was made in house and all the ingredients were grown here, so you can imagine how fresh and natural the food was.

What to eat

Everything! The food is made by using fresh products that were grown locally. People are cooking like in the old days, sometimes using medieval recipes. I m sure you will love it.So, the next morning we woke up and had a lovely breakfast in the garden and then we rented some bikes.
We were eager to discover the biking and trekking trails that lay on the hill and through the forests.

After riding for about two hours, we stopped at an old house. Here the owner just set a table in the middle of his backyard and cooked for us a very simple, fresh and delicious meal.
After the lunch we continued our trail through the deep forest… and climbed… and descended like in a dream land.
Riding so many hours especially when you are a beginner was difficult as hell but it was worth the effort.

Things to do in Viscri

Take part in an unique experiences and be ready to enjoy a vacation like no other. From forest adventures looking for truffles, to culinary sessions and many more.

  • Visit the fortified church and the museum recreating the Saxon way of life;
    Viscri is best known for its highly fortified church, originally built around 1100 AD by the Szecklers.
  • Visit to the local blacksmith to see him working;
  • Go on a mountain biking or trekking trail linking two of the neighboring Saxon villages (Crit and Mesendorf) to Viscri over the hills and through the forests;
  • Join a local family to see a traditional hay stacking session (available in July). Admire the astonishing diversity of wildflowers, including many of the species that are extinct in the rest of Europe;
  • Simply stroll through Viscri and admire the pastel facades of the houses. An interesting thing to see in the evening is when cows are coming back from the nearby meadows.
  • Bake traditional bread –put your strength to the test in kneading the dough and then put it into the outdoor clay oven.
  • Go truffle hunting in the surrounding woods (available between September and December) or just
  • Chill

For sure you will experience long forgotten traditions.


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