Not so long ago I found out that there are some amazing islands in Greece that the locals call “Seychelles Islands” of Greece.
Between the heights of the mountains and the turquoise water of the Aegean Sea, lays the second largest island of Greece, Evia.In the North of Evia Island there is a small Greek paradise still untouched by mass tourism called Lichadonisia Islands.
Actually, there are seven islands and islets that appeared a long time ago after an earthquake. The biggest one is called Manolia, and it was the only one that had residents in the past.

Of course, Greece has so many beautiful places to visit, but if you are looking for a day trip from Athens, a very beautiful place untouched by tourism, tranquility and beautiful blue sea then Lichadonisia Island is the perfect place.

While in Athens we wanted to have a day trip somewhere quiet and beautiful, somewhere at the beach. And we found out about Lichadonisia Archipelago, so we rented a car and in four hours we were there.
From Athens, we started our road trip very early in the morning and in just two hours we reached Evia Island.

The island is one of the closest to Athens and yet still unknown to many tourists. Because it is so close to the mainland that you can drive to it, Evia has been and remains a popular summer destination for the locals.
It is famous for its sparkling Aegean beaches, its mountains, streams and forests. And in the north there is the most popular spa in Greece, with thermal and healing centers.
This was also our destination.
Not far from this place we reached a small village where we parked our car and looked for a ferry to take us to Lichadonisia.

We bought tickets and not long after that we started a boat tour around this islands with the final destination on Manolia Island.
The sea is so clear that you can look in the depths, in the background you can see the mountains and the town of Kamena Vourla, and all around you, there are olive tree orchards.
There is no accommodation on the island of Lichadonisia, just a bar where you can have a cold drink and some snacks.
We had the opportunity to relax and to enjoy an authentic greek day.

Locals say that Lichadonisia is comparable to Seychelles, but I would not go that far. But, even so,o the Greek island will surprise you with the crystal clear water and the fine sandy beach bordered by green trees. More than this.  if you come here in the low season when there are few tourists you may have the whole island to yourself.

How to reach

By car
If you choose this kind of transportation you will reach your destination in about 4 hours.
Athens to Evia about 2 hours and from Central Evia to North Evia it will take another 2 hours.
Of course much of the journey will be on narrow winding roads through the mountains and coniferous forests.

And then by boat from Evia to Lichadonisia
A round trip to Lichadonisia from Kavos village costs 12 euro/person in a boat of several people.

It is a great option for one day getaway from the crowed Athens and the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of Greece.


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