The legend says that somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains there is a lake where eagles come in the spring to teach their youngest to fly. The lake is located at 1,420 meters altitude.

For us, it was time for a weekend getaway and we preferred to spend it in the middle of nature by taking a hike in the Siriului Mountains.
Saturday very early in the morning, we jumped in the car and drove to Buzau and then to Siriu Village at Cabana Valea Neagra (Back Valey Chalet) where we had our accommodation.
We reached the chalet quite early in the morning and we were eager to start our hike.

We choose the hike trail no. 3 (Red line)
Trail 3: Gura Siriului- Valea Neagra -Saua Poarta Vanturilor (Red line) and then Lacul Vulturilor (Red Circle).
The whole trail took around 7 hours. We walked through the forest of the Siriului Mountains until we arrived at its peaks and then a short walk to the lake.

It was the perfect time to relax, time to really enjoy the beauty of nature which remains untouched by time and civilization.

We took our backpack and left our chalet at about 9.30 am.
We were prepared for a relatively easy hike, which turned out to be not so easy. For people with no physical shape, it will seem very difficult. The level difference is about 1000m.
The route is well marked, so the risk of getting lost is minimal. You only have to fallow the Red Line sign and later on the Red Circle.

We walked on a forest road, through the Black Valley under the trees that make refreshing shade. Along the way, we stopped to enjoy fresh water and the beauty of nature.
This is one of those rare places where nature is pure. Not so many places like this remain in Europe.

We passed the forest and we reached the peak of the mountain where we found a place called the Gate of the Winds.
Once here we finally understood where the name came from.
It is the place where the air currents from all the ridges in the area meet. So, it was quite windy.
We saw a sign indicating that we have to go around 30 minutes to the lake.
From now on, we had to follow a new sign, which was The Red Circle

Shortly after, we passed a swampy area called the Dry Lake.
Immediately after we managed to get out of the vegetation soaked in water, we spotted the lake of the Eagles
The sight is absolutely ahhh…mazing. The Ciucas Mountains appear on the background.
The lake imagine is magic. You feel like in a fairyland, somewhere away from the civilization.

We recommend this route if you want to visit a quiet, clean area, without too many tourists, with breathtaking landscapes.

How to reach

By rental.
Unfortunately being a remote location in the mountains, it can be reached only by car. So, you will have to rent a car.

DN2 (Bucharest ->Urziceni) then DN10 (Buzau ->Siriu village). Here there are different villages from here you can start your hike.
200 km and 3 hours drive

To reach this lake you will have 3 options:

  1. Hike 1:
    Bontu Mare village-Gura Milei village- Valea Milea- Saua Poarta Vanturilor-Lacul Vulturilor (Red Triangle)
    5-6 hours
  1. Hike 2
    Crasna – Saua Poarta Vanturilor  (Blue Triangle)
    3-4 hours
  2. Hike 3:
    Gura Siriului- Valea Neagra -Saua Poarta Vanturilor (Red line)
    3 hours and then
    Vulturilor- Saua Poarta Vanturilor  (Red Point)
    30 minutes

Where to stay

Accommodation in this area can be found in chalet style villas and in some rarer cases small hotels.
The price range is somewhere between 20-30 euro/room/night

We chose Cabana Valea Neagra (Black Valley Chalet).
We felt like visiting a local family. The people were very friendly and they prepared local dishes using local fresh natural products. We paid about 22 euro/night for a basic room.
Here there is no internet or mobile phone signal but for us it was the perfect reason to relax and to have a good sleep.
It was like heaven to wake up and breathe mountain morning fresh air and the sound of small spring.


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