At the beginning of autumn, we decided to do an easy hike, together with our eight friends, in the north of Dobrogea, in the Macin Mountains. These are the oldest mountains in Romania and were formed about 300 million years ago.
In the area there are quite few things that you can do, but of course the most important thing here is the National Park of Macin Mountains. You can hike, bike or have a fantastic wine tasting but we chose to take one of the many mountain trails. You don’t have to be in a spectacular physical shape because Macin mountain are old and easy to walk. The slopes are small and the paths are easy.

The only thing you have to do is to have enough water with you, because there are not too many sources of water, and you also need to watch out for vipers. Everything else is a pleasure.

On Saturday morning, we all met and headed to Braila city.
After arriving in Braila we had to cross the Danube by ferry to Smardan and continued our journey to the village of Macin.

We started the hike quite late, around 14.00 in the afternnoon.
We followed the blue strip route called The Pricopan trail.
The trail snakes gently across the low mountains. It’s a spectacular route that takes you through some spectacular geological phenomena that formed 255 million years ago. Pricopan Massive is the most spectacular ridge in the area of the natural park, containing huge granite formations, towering cliffs and vast panoramas around the Măcin.
Being almost completely deforested, the mountain gives you the impression of an alpine gap scenery.
It was an easy hike and the perfect chance to enjoy friendship and watch a perfect autumn sunset.

Our second day we tried something different.

We visited a lake called Iacobdeal Lake.
We had our accommodation in Braila and the second day, after breakfast, we crossed the Danube again, but this time we drove till Turcoia village, where an unusual lake can be found.

The place was an old granite quarry. In time, the underground water made its way to the surface and formed the new lake. The color of the lake in the sun it is simply amazing.
A few years ago, a Romanian diver bought the place in order to preserve it. The place is open for everybody, because the owner doesn’t take any entrance fee.

We had a walk around the lake and simply enjoyed the view. But there were some children brave enough to swim in the lake.
For us the weather was quite chilly and we preferred to enjoy the view

How to reach

By rental/car
Basically, you need a car to get here. Bucharest – Braila and then ferry crossing to Smardan village – Macin village

Ferry Program
Program: 6.00-22.00
Price: 1.5 Euro/person

The trail

The Pricopan Heights trail.
Marking: blue stripe.
Length: 6 km.
The route:

Măcin – Regia Tutunului (the Tabacco Administration) – Sulucu Mare Peak – Piatra Râioasă – Şaua Şerparu – Caramalău Peak – Fântâna de Leac (the Curing Fountain) – Măcin.

Camping site: Fântâna de Leac (the Curing Fountain)

Of course, so many trail can be made here. More info about it you can find here:


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