On the way to our next city, Jaipur, we had spent a night in a local, authentic Indian Village. Here, our accommodation was a 700 year old fort – Suroth Mahal.

Suroth is a large village located in Karauli district of Rajasthan.
Arriving early, we had the chance to have a walk through the village.
In the beginning we were little afraid, because it was so rustic and authentic like never seen before, but soon we understood that the villagers were so friendly.
People of this village are living a very peaceful life having agriculture as the main profession.
The more we wandered, the more fascinated we were by the people and they where fascinated by us.

We had so much fun just interacting with the people. It was the perfect way to see the real life of India and its authentic people.

We spent the night in a 700 years old fortress – Suroth Mahal – a heritage hotel
This was such a unique experience.
Suroth Mahal is a renovated old palace build on top of a 700 years old fortress in the middle of the village.
The place is wow, and the more we explored its yard and terraces the more we loved it.

At the entrance we received a bracelet as a sign of welcome and good luck but we were very anxious to see the place, because it looked to be part of an old Maharajah Indian movie.

As soon as we received the room key, we went directly to our room.
Right from the beginning, we had a surprise. The door had a padlock instead of a proper lock and the inside of the room was even more amazing.
The room was huge and had painted walls and old furniture, a comfortable bed and huge balcony overseeing the central court.One can find many parrots and monkeys venturing all around the property.

In the evening the hotel arranged an authentic Rajasthan wrestling flight and a dance entertainer. We had so much fun dancing along.

The complex has an exotic open courtyard where you can to relax, a Hindu temple where rituals are held constantly and you are free to drop by.

The food wasn’t their strong point. But at least it was home cooked and tasted well.
The small boiler in the bathroom of our room did not quite work, WI-fi didn’t work very well either, but with all the activities offered and the amazing architecture of the heritage hotel we made the most unique experience.

The Suroth Mahal may have not been the most modern hotel during our India tour and it may not have had the greatest facilities, it offered by far the most amazing things and we loved every minute we spent in it.

Camel cart ride – One in a lifetime experience
This was one of the highlights of our trip. Wandering around a non touristic village and visiting a local family was the perfect way to understand the real and authentic India.
Camel carts are used for transportation almost everywhere in Rajasthan. For centuries, before buses, cars or motorbikes, camel and camel carts were the main means of transportation.Barun, our guide, came up with the idea of booking some carts and go to see the local life of the villagers and we agreed almost instantly.
It was such a strange feeling to sit on that unstable cart pulled by a camel, but it was a lots of fun.
We wandered through the many narrow streets the village during that misty morning observing the daily life.

At some point we stopped to visit a local family. These people opened their house to us and showed us their way of life. We got a chance to learn about the life of family and explore the house made of clay.
While preparing traditional masala chai, the lady of the house was telling us about her life, the priorities in her family and the importance of the education in her children’s life.
It was a very interesting way of seeing things, way different from our western understanding of a good life.
This particular moment, makes you understand that life is not about material stuff, riches or just about yourself.

Sadly, the happiest people we met during our trips around the world, where not rich or famous. They barely had a home and food to feed their families, but they were happy and very pleased with their lives.

The camel cart ride is a totally non-touristy way to enjoy the Rajasthan countryside, and it is an unique experience.

One way to make our travels more unique and memorable is to absorb and integrate the local culture of each destination, by seeking local people, activities and places. We try to stay with the locals or at least talk to them so we can understand the local culture, habits and values.

Staying in Suroth village we had the opportunity to connect with the real India


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