Hong Islands are a small group of tropical islands close to Ao Nang coastline, which can be visited by private longtail boat, speed boat or day tours. There is also part of the National Marine Park.

These little islands have breath-taking scenery, white beaches, turquoise water and are like the definition of true paradise.
They are considered to be among the most beautiful in Krabi province.

During our stay in Ao Nang, we wanted to visit some less touristic islands. Of course, there are so many to choose from, unfortunately, most of them are pretty touristic. We heard that Hong Island was a wonderful choice and it was not so busy compared to the others.  We booked a day tour by a speedboat that was taking us around these paradisiac islands.
The regular tours take you to Hong Lagoon, Pak Boa Island, Lading Island and Hong Island.

We left very early in the morning when a car took us from our hotel and drove to Aon Nang Pier. The boat was full. We barely found someplace to seat. It was not a comfortable ride but at least it was fast.

  • First stop was at the back of Hong Island, where there was a beautiful blue lagoon.
    The small entrance is a bit hidden. The boat had to pass through a narrow rock opening to reach the perfect lagoon. There was no white sand beach, just the perfectly clear blue lagoon, which was perfect for a swim or snorkeling.
    We spend here around 10 minutes just to enjoy the soundings
  • Our second stop was on Phak Bia Island where we had some free time for swimming, walking and enjoying the little and beautiful place. This is a rather small island with a beautiful beach on one side and a rocky one on the other side.
    The rocky side is perfect for snorkeling, while the other is perfect to relax under the shade of the trees or take a perfect bath in the shallow waters.
    We landed on a stretch of sandy beach. After a short walk, taking a bath was the perfect thing to do.
    Unfortunately, this was a 20 minute stop and we wished we could have stayed longer.
  • Next stop was for lunch at Lading Island also known as Paradise Island.
    This island has a small beach with a narrow path leading up to the interior of the island.
    We took a swim in the bay and it was just perfect. The beach has a scenic certain paradise vibe.
    I loved the place.
  • Hong Island was the last island we visited. We debarked on a floating pontoon and it was quite difficult to walk on it till the shore.
    At the arrival in Hong, you will be required to pay an additional fee for the national park. This fee is 200 Baht per person.
    The beach is separated into two parts by a limestone cliff. There are shops where you can buy some food or drinks. Obviously, the prices are much higher than on the mainland. We bought iced coffee to chill down and then we headed to the beach close to the huge limestone. This was a small curved beautiful bay edged by an outstanding scenic cliff stone.In the afternoon Hong Island has a  low tide and we were lucky that we came at the right time.
    Swimming with the low tide is not so enjoyable. Therefore, you should take this under the account.
    On Hong Island, if you fancy a little adventure, there is also a nature trail that will take you deep in the jungle.

As we told you at the beginning of the article, we went to these islands by booking a tour with a local travel agency.

We don’t recommend this at all because it will be very crowded, you will spend so little time on each island.

The best way to really enjoy these wonders is to book a private boat, just for you. This way you will have all the time and space to really enjoy the ride.

How to get here

From Ao Nang
By long tail.
 The starting point is Ao Nang beach, where you can buy tickets at the little ticketing booth. At these booths, you can buy the tickets to your desired destination.
You will have to rent an entire longboat for 5 people.
Program: 8.00-16.00
Cost: 3,000 bath/entire boat.
Time to Hong islands: 45 minute- 1 hour

By day tour operator.
If you do not like to hustle. Then booking a tour will be your option.
We paid about 1,000 bath/person for a day tour including a speedboat, lunch and entrance fee to the national parks.


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