The two weeks in Thailand will be the most memorable and incredible journey!
You will have pristine and perfect beaches, delicious cuisine, wild adventure, authentic communities, impressive sky bars, and so many more things.
You only have to be ready for the adventure.

We have put together this itinerary for you to visit as much as possible the amazing things that Thailand has to offer in a maximized time. We only hope that this itinerary will take your stress away and it will be on your taste.
Here is a quick summary of this itinerary for Thailand in two weeks:

  • Bangkok: 3 days
  • Phi Phi Islands: 1 day
  • Krabi/Ao Nang: 4 days
  • Chiang Mai: 4 days
  • Bangkok: 1 day

Day 1

Flying to Bangkok
Most probably, your adventure will start in Bangkok.
Being the capital city most of airlines company have good connections at good prices.
In general, we use Momondo or Skyscanner to search for good offers.

Day 2

Arrive in Bangkok
It might seem little overwhelming, but try to see it’s best parts, like stunning temples, unbelievable street food, amazing sky bars and so many more.

Airport transfer to city center:
Suvarnabhumi International Airport is 25km east of the city and well connected to the city center.
You have a few options to reach the city center:

  • Taxi
    This is the easiest way to Bangkok.
    You only have to walk to the first level and you will see a taxi line. You will be assigned a taxi. The cost to the city center can be around 400-500 baht, depending on your location. But you will have to pay an additional 50 bath meter fare plus high way tool that can be 70 baht. The taxi driver may pay for you then add it to your taxi fare.
    The ride takes between 40-90 minutes depending on traffic and location.
  • Airport Rail Link
    When traffic, this might be the fastest and cheapest way to the city center. It is actually a rail line that connects the airport to Phaya Thai (BTS Sky Train) station via Makkasan Station (MRT metro).
    You will have to go to the airport basement, buy your ticket and board the train.
    Program: 6.00-24.00
    Price for city line is between 15-45 baht depending on the distance.
    Airport – Phaya Thai station fare is 45 baht
    Airport – Makkasan station fare is 35 baht
    Find more info here:
  • Bus
    Express buses no longer run from the airport to the city. There is a shuttle that runs to a bus station 3km’s from the airport with service to the city from there, but there are little need and buses aren’t any cheaper than the rail link. 

Don Muang Airport
There is a free shuttle bus between Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Muang for travelers with an onward ticket. Show your boarding pass or ticket to a dispatcher at level 2, door 3.
The airport is 25km north of Bangkok. It serves all flights for the budget airlines mostly

  • Taxi
    You only have to walk outside the airport.
    There you will find metered and licensed taxis. Taxis will cost 400-500 baht including the tolls and the 50 baht airport fee.
  • Sky train and taxi
    Will be a little cheaper than taking the taxi for the entire route.
    Step1: take a taxi from the airport to Mo Chit Skytrain station on the Sukhumvit line – then Skytrain into the city.
  • Rail
    There is a train station a 15-minute walk (across an overpass) from the airport.
    Follow signs for Rail. There are regular trains to Hualamphong Station in Bangkok.
    Travel time to Hualamphong is about an hour.

In a city like Bangkok, there are certainly options for accommodation for all tastes and pockets. Below are a few suggestions, by location and price:
• Large budget- location near the metro: there are many luxury hotels in the Siam area. The area has subway and is rather the perfect choice for those who are in Bangkok for a business trip.
• Medium budget– very good location: Rattanakosin, the old town. Here you can find accommodation at an average price, and the most important landmarks of the city can be visited from here on foot. A downside is a fact that the metro is not running here.
• Small budget- good location and nightlife: Khao San Road, about a 15-minute walk from the Royal Palace, the area offers plenty of attractions for those who love nightlife and excitement but at the same time looking fit in a lower budget.

We were staying in the Khao San Road area, 10 minutes from the Royal Palace, at the Korbua House. It was a very good choice in terms of cost, location, and conditions. We especially love the hotel’s terrace on the bank of one of Bangkok’s canals.

Things to do:

  • Visit the Royal Palace
    The Royal Palace is Bangkok’s most important sight
    After the destruction of Ayutthaya (former capital city), King Rama I, moved the capital beyond the Chao Praya River, transforming a small village into the astonishing capital of today. Everything started with the rise of thick walls. Bangkok has never been conquered, and each king added his own building, temple or pagoda.
    The Palace has become an emblem of traditional architecture and Thai history and a labyrinth hard to handle.
    There are strict rules on clothing: long trousers and a shirt for men, skirt at least to the knees or trousers and a blouse that covers the shoulders for women.
    Entrance fee: 500 baht
    Program 8.30-15.30
    An audio tour costs 200 baht
  • Visit Wat Pho Temple
    Very close to the Grand Palace, Wat Pho is a very old temple. It houses the largest Buddha statue collection in Thailand, including the famous 46-foot Reclining Buddha Statue.
    Entrance fee: 200 baht
    Program: 08:30 to 18:00
  • Visit Wat Arun Temple
    The temple has a remarkable historical significance, being the central location of the former Thonburi city center.
    For an amazing view of the city at the top of the temple, it is best to visit at sunset.
    You can reach it very easily by boat from the Tha Thien Pier (the pier is very close to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho
    Entrance fee: 50 baht
    Program: 08:30 to 17.30
  • Patpong a kind of a Red Light District
    It is a very colorful district.
    You can find everything from go-go bars, ping-pong shows and young ladies staying on the street for show.
    Patpong is internationally known as a red-light district at the heart of Bangkok’s sex industry, it is in fact only one of several red-light districts.
    It all began in the “60s with few nightclubs that became very famous among U.S. troops serving in the Vietnam War and grow as a huge sexual industry.
    It is not dangerous at all, as long as you do not enter any dubious place.
    Get here easily by subway to Sala Daeng station or Silom.

Day 3

Visit the former capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya, and relax in the evening on the top of Bangkok

  • Visit Ayutthaya – the former capital of Thailand
    Ayutthaya is today a small province town with 50,000 inhabitants, where the distances between the main historical objectives are just a few miles away.
    Long before, in the Kingdom of Siam (the old name of Thailand), Ayutthaya was a city of 1 million inhabitants.
    The Burmese concurred the old capital in 1767, forcing the Thai to construct a new capital downriver to where Bangkok stands today.
    On a day trip to Ayutthaya, you will feel the ancient vibe of the city. Centuries of Thai history can be absorbed by exploring the many temples, structures, and museums. You may even find yourself alone, awash in archeology, at some of the less popular temple sites.

How to reach:
Ayutthaya is 80 km from Bangkok and we have the following options:

  • By train:
    It will take 2 hours, but it is the cheapest way to get to Ayutthaya
    The train departs from Bangkok from Hua Lamphong Station and here you can reach (MRT subway) and get off at Hualamphong Metro Station.
    First class ticket: 330 baht / 10 USD
    Third class ticket: 20baht / 0.63 USD which makes it very cheap.
    Trans leave each hour.
  • By taxi:
    You will reach Ayutthaya in about 1 hour and will cost about 2,500 Baht/75 USD/2ways
  • By bus
    The buses leave from Mo Chit Bus Station Bangkok and it will take about 90 min.
    The buses leave every 30 minute
    Ticket:60 baht/2 USD.

The archaeological park of Ayutthaya stretched within a few kilometers. To move around you will have few options:
-tuk-tuk for all day. The cost will be between 300 and 500 baht
-rent a bicycle. The cost will be about 50 baht/day.

  • Go For A Drink On Top Of The City
    The new part of Bangkok is an amazing place. Don’t miss going out for a drink on the top of the city.
    We went to Cielo Sky Bar and we were where happy with our choice. City view from the 46th floor, good food, and average prices.
    It is not very crowded and has a relaxing atmosphere.
    It can be reached by subway to Pra Kannong Station.
    From here you can walk up to 5 minutes to Lux Condominium, the building that hosts the restaurant.
    Program: 17.00 -01.00

Day 4

Enjoying two of Thailand’s most unique markets: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and MaeKlong Railway market
You will have the chance to experience two of the most famous and unique traditional markets in Thailand.

  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
    In the past, trade-in Thailand was made not only through the classic street markets but also directly from the boat through the floating markets.
    Today, much of the floating markets have disappeared, Damnoen Saduak is one of the few remaining exceptions.
    It is true that this a very touristic market with huge prices, but still there is an opportunity to experience the old vibes of buying directly from the boat while you navigate on the small canals.Our detailed experience can be found in our article Visiting the Floating Markets of Damnoen Saduak
  • Maeklong Railway market
    Maeklong Railway Market is maybe one of the most unique markets in Thailand.
    The market location is exactly on the trucks of the train. And one minute there are stalls and umbrellas everywhere with people selling and shopping like a regular market, but this is until the train shows up. Then in a second, they take place for the train to pass right in the middle of the market.Our detailed experience can be found in our article Mae Klong Railway a unique market

How to reach:
There are a few different ways to get to both markets from Bangkok.

  • By taxi
    We rented a Grab car for 8 hours that cost us 2,460 baht which is economical with a group of 4. The driver can also take you to the Damnoen Saduak or Amphawa Floating
  • By Tour
    This is the easiest option but also the most expensive one.
    The price is around 30 USD  

Day 5

Phi Phi Islands
Phi Phi Islands are the world most-famous archipelago in Thailand.
There are a group of six islands, with two of the more popular: Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leah.
The islands became a popular destination after the release of the famous film called “The beach”.
Since then, this archipelago has remained a popular destination for everyone traveling in Thailand. Everybody is allured by the tropical beaches, warm waters, and amazing places.
So, while in Thailand, we couldn’t miss this place, and we booked a night in Phi Phi Don.

Bangkok airport transfer early morning
Early flight from Bangkok to Krabi
There are many low-cost flights to Krabi.
We paid about 35 USD for the Bangkok-Krabi flight.

Airport transfer to Krabi or Phuket Pier
When you arrive at the airport in Krabi or Phuket you will have to take a taxi or a bus to get to the ferry terminal. A taxi will be around 23 USD.

Ferry transfer to Phi Phi Don from Krabi or Phuket Pier
The Phi Phi Islands don’t have an airport and they are about 46 km from Krabi and Phuket. Soo, the only way to reach there is by boat, so you have two options: ferry or speedboat.

  • Ferry:
    Are comfortable with top deck and lower deck with air-conditioning.
    From Phuket
    Departure from Rassada Pier in Phuket town
    There are many companies with different prices
    Time to destination: about 2 hours
    From Krabi
    Departure from Klong Jirad Pier.
    There are many companies with different prices
    Time to destination: about 1.5 hours
  • Speedboat
    This is the most expensive way of travel but also the fastest.
    The price will depend of your negotiation skills.

Phi Phi Don:
The Island is very small, so the distances traveled to any point of interest are not a problem.
The accommodation options are multiple, ranging from simple beachfront cottages to luxury hotels.
Avoid the central area of ​​the island due to the many accommodations and pubs open till late.

Large budget
There are few luxury hotels on the island. Their prices are around 100 USD/room.
Medium budget
2-3 star hotel range from 15-50 USD a night per room with fan or air-conditioning. Most of the hotels have wi-fi
Small budget
Basic dorms start at 10 USD/bed but most of the hostels rage form 10-20 USD/bed.

We booked a 3-star hotel called Viking Nature Hotel which was just amazing. With its private beach, it was everything that we needed. We paid 38 USD per room.

  • Island tour
    Phi Phi Island tour
    You will find a huge range of tours form cheap to expensive.
    We choose to rent a private longtail boat from our hotel for 4 hours with 2,000 baht, entirely for the four of us.
    It was such a good decision.
    We saw Viking Cave, Pileh Lagoon, Maya Bay and Monkey Beach, but we enjoy it on our terms with longer staying in certain places.
  • Evening chill in the Phi Phi Don touristic village
    The place is quite small and crowded, but it is colorful with souvenir shops, Thai or American restaurants and all kinds of massages. There are Thai boxing shows, and for those who are choked, exotic fruit stalls or cooked seafood in the street.
    We recommend spending an evening here.
    Then retire to the private hotel beach for chill moments by the sea.

Our detailed experience can be found in our article Phi Phi Islands

Day 6

Hike to Phi Phi Don View Point and transfer to Ao Nang

  • Hike to the View Point
    It was such a perfect morning with an amazing breakfast by the beach and chill moments.
    Later on, we decided to have a hike to the famous Phi Phi Don Viewpoint, on the highest point of the island.
    We started our hike from our hotel.  There are few signs pointing the viewpoint that we followed. It was a 60-minute hike in the jungle, in the heat and high humidity. I have to admit that was not easy, but we made it.
    We reached the Viewpoint!
    It was really amazing a perfect mixture of green and blue over the strip of sand where is the Loh Dalum Bay.

Ferry Transfer to Ao Nang
We used the public ferry. The price varies depending on where you buy it but it should range from 350-400 baht (10-12 USD).
It will be a 2-hour ride, with an intermediary stop at Railay Beach before Ao Nang.

Ao Nang it is not the most beautiful town and it got busier with every year, but it is a good option as a base camp for all the islands around.
There are many types of accommodation for every pocket.

Large budget
There are a few luxury hotels. Their prices are around 100 USD/room.
Medium budget
2-3 star hotel range from 20-50 USD a night per room with air-conditioning. Most of the hotels have wi-fi
Small budget
Basic hostel start at 10 USD/bed.

You only have to consider several factors:
-To stay in a busy city. It will be loud, noisy, and crazy, but you will have access to many restaurants, nightlife, shopping options and closer to the pier. If you are planning an active holiday with many excursions, there is not much point to staying at an expensive resort. In the end, it is a bed where you sleep.

-To say outside the city
If you are planning a relaxing holiday in the pool with only a few activities, then you should try to stay at a nice hotel outside the city.
Only pay attention to the transfers to the beach and length to the city.

We booked rooms in Ao Nang Cliff View Resort just outside the city.
It was such an amazing place. For us was the perfect combination: jungle bungalow, serenity, nature, relax, close to the city and to all the activities, that we did around Ao Nang.
The hotel offers a free transfer to/from the city each hour.

Day 7

Ao Nang
A relaxing day in Railay Beach
One of the best things that you shouldn’t miss is to go to Railay beach.
It is one of the best location in Thailand with its pristine beaches, amazing limestone cliffs and the authentic vibe.
Although there are a lot of activities to do here, people come here to chill and enjoy the beautiful place.
We loved it!

Our detailed experience can be found in our article Lay back on Railay beaches

How to reach
Due to its isolation, the only way to reach the peninsula is by boat.
Public long tail boats to Railay depart from three places: Ao Nammao, Ao Nang and Krabi town.

  • From Ao Nammao.
    Price: 80 baht/way
    Program: 08:00 to 18:00 in high season
    Boats depart when full.
    Public boats may run as late as 23:00 in high season, though you might get stuck paying 600 baht for a private boat.
  • From Aonang
    Price: 100 baht/way
    Program: 08:00 to 18:00 in high season
    Boats depart when full.
    In high season, boats also run after dark until midnight, when the per-person price jumps to 150 baht, but at night you’ll usually have to wait longer or pay 800 baht for a private boat.
  • From Krabi
    Price: 150 baht/way
    Program:  In high season these depart (in theory) at 08:30, 10:00, 12:30 and 14:30, returning from Railay at 09:30, 11:00, 14:00 and 17:00.

Day 8

Ao Nang
Day trip to Hong Islands

This is one of the best day tours that you can do while in Ao Nang, Krabi or Phuket.
The Hong Islands are a small group of tropical islands close to Ao Nang coastline, which can be visited by private longtail boat, speed boat or day tours.
There is also part of the National Marine Park.
These little islands have breath-taking scenery, white beaches, turquoise water like the definition of true paradise.
These islands are considered to be among the most beautiful in Krabi province.

Our detailed experience can be found in our article Day Trip to Hong Islands

How to get
From Ao Nang

  • By long tail
    The starting point is Ao Nang beach, where you can buy tickets at a little booth. At these booths, you can buy the tickets to your desired destination.
    You will have to rent an entire longboat for 5 people.
    Program: 8.00-16.00
    Cost: 3,000 bath/entire boat
    Time to Hong islands: 45 minute- 1 hour
  • By day tour operator.
    If you do not like to hustle. Then booking a tour will be your option.
    We paid about 1,000 bath/person for a day tour including a speedboat, lunch and entrance fee to the national parks.

Day 9

Ao Nang
Krabi Hot Springs and Emerald Pool

Krabi is known for its beautiful beaches, but there is another place getting more and more famous for swimming.

The Emerald Pool.
It is a natural pool deep into the jungle.
From the parking place, there are two trails to the pool:

  • The main road which is shorter and not that impressive
  • The longer trail that winds in the jungle, which is much nicer. Trails gave you a glimpse into a unique ecosystem, abundant with spring waters.

Once you reach the emerald pool, you should continue your trail to the “Blue Pool”, which is like 600 meters away.
Here the water looks like magic. Being closer to the source, this water is very hot, so bathing is not allowed.

How to reach
There is no bus to reach here. So you will have to book a tour, rent a scooter or rent a car with driver.
Entrance fee: 200 baht
Program: 8.00-17.00
Parking fee: scooter 10 baht, motorbike 20 baths and car 30 baht

Hot Springs
It is actually a natural Jacuzzi.
The water comes from thermal spring’s deep underground in the jungle.
The mineral of the hot spring is said to help diseases like rheumatism, skin problems, and many others.

How to reach
There is no bus to reach here. So you will have to book a tour, rent a scooter or rent a car with driver.
Entrance fee: 150 baht
Program: 8.00-17.00
Parking fee: scooter 10 baht, motorbike 20 bath, and car 30 baht

We book a car and drive for the day. And he took us to the both: Emerald Pool and Hot Springs.
We paid about 2,000 baht for the car.
Unfortunately, because both of the places were so busy and full of people, we decided to go back to the hotel earlier.

Day 10

Chang Mai
A day enjoying Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Airport transfer to city center:
The airport in Chiang Mai is just about 5km away from the town center within the old city walls.

  • By Airport Bus
    The new blue airport bus takes you straight from the arrival hall to many different places in the city center, such as Nimman Road, Chang Phuak Gate, Three Kings Monument, Tha Phae Gate, and the Night Bazar.
    The fare is only 20 Baht, no matter where you want to get off.
    The service hours of the airport bus is from 6 am to 10:30pm.
  • By Taxi
    There are 2 types of taxis available:
    Chiang Mai Airport Taxi- The airport taxi charges about 300 Baht to all destinations in the city.
    Taxi Meter. -The taxi meter will come down to about 200 Baht, but there is an additional airport service charge of 50 Baht, so it doesn’t really make a big difference which one of the two taxis you take.
  • By Tuk Tuk
    To save a little bit of money compared to the taxi and to avoid waiting for the bus. It’s a good compromise as you can easily find a Tuk Tuk that takes you to your hotel for 150 Baht.
  • By Shared Taxi (Songthaew)
    Probably a very popular way to get from Chiang Mai airport to the town center: Just leave the arrival hall at any of the many exit doors and you will find the red songthaews (shared pick-up taxis) waiting for passengers.
    The fare is just 40 Baht to any destination in the Old City, but beware: A lot of these drivers try to sell you “private taxi service” for 200 Baht or more. So don’t let them fool you and only get in such vehicles with other travelers.

Chang Mai is not such a touristic place comparing with the south of Thailand.
So most of the prices including accommodation will be more affordable.
There are many options where you can choose.

Small budget
There are quite a few hotel or hotels, with good location with prices ranges around 20 euro, for the generous double room with air conditioning, wi-fi and all the necessary conditions for a pleasant stay. T
Medium budget
With 30-40 euro you can have many good options for accommodation. Including breakfast, outdoor swimming pool, and many other facilities
Large budget
There are 4-5 start hotel located right in the center of the city in traditional décor and offers great conditions including an outdoor pool.
The price starts with 50 euro /night double room

Here we booked two hotels and both of them were a good choice.
Rustic River Boutique which was closer to the night market and Panna Heritage Boutique which was in the old city center.

  • Playing with the Elephants in Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
    Thailand is very famous for its elephants, but it is important to interact with them in a proper ethical way.
    We found out about Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Their mission is to protect and care for mistreated elephants rescued from the tourism and logging industries.
    Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is a project that had set up ethical elephant sanctuaries in Thailand. They have sanctuaries in Chaing Mai, Phuket, Pattaya and Samui.
    With the money raised from visits and donations, they are taking care of the elephant welfare, by rescuing them, feed them and provide veterinary care as well as land and infrastructure for them.
    Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Chiang Mai has many visit options like morning or afternoon visit, full-day visit, and overnight visit, where you can feed, bath and even play with the elephants.
    We choose the Full Day Visit from 8.00 to 17.00. A full day in the company of elephants.
    We loved the idea of feeding, playing, giving mud baths and washing the elephants, without riding them.
    It was so much fun and you shouldn’t miss it.

Our detailed experience can be found in our article Playing with the Elephants in Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

How to get
Book a tour directly to their website:
Full-Day visit from 8.00-17.00
Adult: 2,400 Baht/ Person
Includes lunch and transportation
Half-Day visit from 6.30-13.30
Adult: 1,700 Baht/ Person
Includes lunch and transportation
Overnight staying from 8.00- 17.00 next day
Adult : 4,900 Baht/ Person
Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation and transportation

Day 11 -12

Chang Mai

  • Staying for two days with an authentic Hill Tribe in Northern Thailand

In Northern Thailand, there are still authentic tribes. Thai provinces of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are home to hundreds of small villages of people who left Myanmar, Laos or China and came to Thailand, about 200 years ago, as refugees in search of a better life.
Many hill tribes live their lives by growing crops such as vegetables and rice, very deep in the high mountains of Northern Thailand. It is not an easy life.
Although nowadays most of the people from the hill tribes are Thai citizens, they are still marginalized by Thai people, so the hill tribes prefer to live in the uplands.
There are seven main hill tribe groups in Thailand and many subgroups. Each of the tribes has its own distinct culture, traditions, and language.
We choose to stay for two days with one of the tribes deep into the jungle, in their village.
This way we had the opportunity to meet the people of the authentic tribe, rarely-explored places, their culture, traditions and to learn from their way of life and of course to meet them.
And we try to do it in a responsible way.
So basically we had the incredible opportunity to experience the life of an authentic tribe in Northern Thailand and at the same time, the local hill tribe people earn money by hosting us.
All this thing was possible with the help of Thailand Hilltribe Holidays, incredibly passionate people, who try to help hill tribe villages by connecting travelers with the local hill tribes in a responsible way.

Our detailed experience can be found in our article Staying with an authentic Hill Tribe in Northern Thailand

How to get
You can book directly on their website.

Day 13

Chaing Mai

  • Take part of the daily Buddhist ceremony of Tak Bat.
    Early, before breakfast, people offer food and other daily items to monks on their alms-rounds. It is an important component of Thai culture.
    The ritual of offering food to the monks is a way for the Thai people to reward Buddhist monks for their life-giving to teach others to be good and correct. There is no charity in the Western sense. The Thais see it as a virtue. Offering the mercy of the monks means showing kindness to others, doing good deeds, and being a good person
    In Chiang Mai you have the opportunity to do it at the Statues of Kruba Srivichai between 6.00-8.00.
  • Harvesting Green Tea in Northern Thailand
    The origins of tea in Thailand probably go back well over 1000 years, in the far North of the country.
    Chiang Mai has one of the best tea areas in the country, so I made some research and I found out about Araksa Tea Garden, which is one of Thailand’s oldest tea plantations.
    Due to the height of the farm, the quality of soil and water, the land is ideal for planting tea.
    Araksa Tea Garden is one of the fewer ecological and chemical-free tea plantations.
    In order to experience Araksa Tea Garden, you have to book one of their tours available mornings and afternoons.
    We booked a morning session with Araksa and we were eager to enjoy the beautiful landscape, to take part in tea harvesting and preparation and of course to enjoy a cup of tea.

Our detailed experience can be found in our article Harvesting Green Tea in Northern Thailand

How to get
If you want to book a tour:

Activity Sessions starts at 10:00  and 14:00 on a joint basis only.
Duration of Activity: Approximately 1.30 hours
The admission fee 550 baht/pers (pick up transfers to the garden and return are not included)

  • Buddhist Monk talk
    In Chiang Mai there is an opportunity to interact and chat with Buddhist monks by an exchange program in various temples.
    Discussions with the monks are informal and usually involve young monks during the training period. It is an excellent way to better understand the culture and the local religion, but also how they perceive her life and values. And they, in turn, improve their English language.
    Considering that everything will happen in a temple. We will have to dress modestly to cover our shoulders and legs as a sign of respect. Women are not allowed to touch or hand over any monks.

Our detailed experience can be found in our article Chatting with a monk in Wat Chedi Luang Temple

Temples that have monk talk
Wat Chedi Luang Temple
, located in downtown Chiang Mai, with constant availability.
It’s very easy to find a place at the open-air tables in the north of the temple.
Chatting hours: Daily between 9:00 and 18:00, Saturday and Sunday are more crowded
The Srisuphan Temple has hours for discussion every day.
Hours of talk: daily 17.30 and 19.00 hours before classes of meditation
Wat Umong is another temple where such meetings are organized
Hours of talk: Monday. Wednesday and Friday between 17:30 and 19:30
The Doi Suthep Temple: Here the situation is a little more complicated because the monks here lead the International Buddhist Center and the temple is near the city.
The place where such meetings are held is in the eastern part of the temple.
Hours of talk: daily between 13.00-15.00
Flower Garden Temple (Wat Suan Dok) has dedicated rooms for these discussions.
Speaking hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 17.00 and 19.00
Here is a meditation program for 2 days.
Registration is done on Tuesdays at 13.00, after which the transfer is made outside the city to the meditation center which is about 40 minutes from the city.
We will have 24 hours without talking then we will be taught to meditate
Accommodation conditions are ok and 3 meals per day.
Transfer, accommodation and meals 500 baht / 14 USD plus the cost of new clothes 300 baht / 9 USD

Day 14


Bangkok has not always been the crowded skyscraper city we see today.
200 years ago, there were hundreds of “khlongs” (water channels) that were the main commercial route of Bangkok. Back then the city was called the Venice of the East.
An image of Bangkok’s old town, canal town and its floating homes can be found by a boat ride on Chao Phrya River.
The Cost of such ride is about 15 baht/journey

Budget for two weeks itinerary

For such a holiday in Thailand, you can look at 1500-1600 euros, with all the expenses included.
Of course, the budget depends on everyone’s preferences, but for the explorer-traveler who is interested to discover as many things as possible not in a luxury way, this budget should be enough.


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