Travel is an important aspect of our lives. And we won’t point out all the benefits.
Instead we will talk about the differences between the two ways of travel.
Over time we have traveled both by travel agency or self-organized holidays and most of the times we preferred to plan our own trips.
We just love to organize itineraries according to our taste, to discover new unexplored places and to do it our way. But we won’t refuse a good tour if offered by an agency. Because there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides and most of the times the balance tilts to one or the other depending on the traveler and its own preferences.

Travel agency Pros:

  • Easy to book your holiday
    When you don’t have the time or the know-how to arrange everything by yourself, traveling with an agency is the best answer.
  • Reduced stress
    Not having to plan everything from booking the plane to the restaurants where you want to eat can take all your stress away.
    You only have to choose the destination and pay at the
    Travel agents have access to all kind of resources that aren’t available to consumers. Or different contacts or deals that you can ‘t get.
  • Sometimes it is cheaper than booking the trip yourself
    Agencies have great deals with hotels or exclusive partner offers. You as an individual can never find such discounts. Of course, this is not the case for all the offers.
    Usually, we organize the holidays ourselves, but sometimes we do travel by travel agency because it is much cheaper than everything that we could find.
  • You have your back covered
    Agencies can handle problems if any, way better than you. They already have connections and a backup plan if anything goes wrong: like missing the connection flight, problems with the accommodation, etc.
  • Knowledge of the guides
    Generally, agencies are sending a guide with the group. He supposable gives you a lot of information about the places you are visiting that, otherwise, you need to search for.
    An expert travel agent will recommend the best things for you and ask the right questions.
  • You can make new friends.
    Some agencies organize group tours. It is the perfect way to meet people and have new friends.

Travel agency Cons:

  • Can be expensive.
    Sometimes traveling by travel agents can be more expensive. There are different commissions that have to be paid. And this is a price for you to pay if you don’t want to hustle with planning the trip. It means a carefree journey, no lists, no maps.
  • Very touristic itinerary
    Travel agencies have to cover the most important attractions and to offer a package suitable for all kind of people. So if you are an adventurous type of person you might find these offers boring.
  • Some agencies are unreliable
    Unfortunately, not all the agencies can be relied on, some of them can disappear overnight with your money.
  • Can limit you
    Some people don’t like to be limited or to stay stick with the program.
  • Traveling to quickly
    Many tours are set up to show you as many places as possible in a very short amount of time
    It might look good on paper, but in reality, can be exhausting.
  • Limit interaction with locals
    A big part of what makes a place special is the people. Locals can show the true character of the city. Being part of a  tour you are unlikely to have real authentic encounters with the locals.

DIY Pros:

  • Flexibility to select your own itinerary
    Some people love the idea of being spontaneous and adventurous in unfamiliar places. Sometimes it is very nice to switch your plans or improvise.
  • Authentic places
    Since you organize your own holiday, you can find lots of non-touristic things to do that will give to your vacay more authenticity.
  • It is exciting and liberating.
    Meeting the unpreditible is always exciting.
    There are people that love the adrenalin of facing the unknown, like true explorers.
  • Travel at our own pace
    Traveling with a group, based on a fixed itinerary means that you will always have to wait until everybody is ready and stay true to the program. Sometimes we like to spend more time in one place to take photos or shoot some videos, basically to skip the boring stuff.
  • Flexible dates to travel
    Agencies have fix dates so you will have to accept their timing, while when you organize your own tinerary you can choose when to leave. Or you can choose when to start or end your day.
  • Budget-friendly
    Paying someone to plan your trip means that you will have to pay for this.
    When you plan it, you have the chance to cut some costs or to opt for cheaper things. At the end of the day, a DIY can cost less than an agency package.
  • More information and knowledge about the places that you will visit.
    Planning the trip by yourself will increase your knowledge about the places that you will visit. Sometime this will increase anticipation about your trip.
    Visiting some places that you already know the history of will increase the pleasure of the visit.
  • Plan according to your interests
    We like nature and remote places, away from the crowds.
    Shopping isn’t our top priority.
    We love to take pictures and to explore remote and non-touristic places. So when we have DIY trips, we can prioritize our likes and leave out the parts that aren’t for us.

DIY Cons:

  • Research takes a lot of time
    In order to plan your holiday especially an itinerary, it is time-consuming. You need to find out everything about the place that you will visit in order to be able to find all the nice to see spots.
  • Stress
    It can involve a lot of stress. Especially for anxious people. Most people get away on vacation to relax. Do it your self-trips can be stressful, especially if you are the one to plan and to lead the group.
  • Problems
    When problems arise, you are the only one that can fix things up. And based on our experience,  small issues always appear.
  • Uncertainty
    There are places in the world which you cannot reach on your own, or it will be very difficult to deal with the locals.
    If something happens there is nobody to turn to for help.
    You will have to be very open to uncertainty, to embrace anything that you may encounter and adapt for any situation.
  • Less secure
    When you travel by yourself all kind of things can happen. While being part of a tour, there is a certain level of security.

There are even age differences:

Most of the time. people aged 50+ use travel agencies. They prefer to know that their holiday is all taken care of.

Instead, people below 40 are more into self-experiences, because they still love some freedom to experience places by themselves.

The idea is that there are no rules when it comes to traveling. You only have to choose your type of travel and go explore the world.



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