We spent two weeks road tripping around Jordan and one of our favorite moments was the visit of Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.
After exploring the great Jordanian cities of Amman, Jerash, Kerak and amazing Mount Nebo, Baptism Site and fascinating Dana Nature Reserve, we drove on the King’s Highway to the beautiful Petra.
We planned to spend two nights and two days here to try to enjoy as much as possible.

When you plan to visit Petra you have two options for accommodation:

  • To stay in Wadi Musa, which is a whole town that had grown around Petra. Here you can find hotels for any budget.
    Most of the tourist take accommodation here.
  • To stay in Little Petra area full of stunning rock formations, similar to Petra’s.
    Little Petra was once an important suburb of Petra.
    Like Petra, it has carved toms, temple, water channels, and cistern, only to a smaller lever, if we compare it.
    Here you can choose some more authentic accommodations like Bedouin Camps or even sleep in a carved cave-house.

We chose to have an authentic accommodation and to feel close to the old ways of living of the Bedouins. So we choose to stay in Little Petra area at Little Petra Bedouin Camp.

Why stay in a hotel when you can stay in a Bedouin camp? This is something to do only in these parts.
The camp is located in the middle of these amazing rock formations and it is owned by a local Bedouin family, which offers a plus of authenticity.
The tents are nestled in between stunning natural sandstone rocks and are private (Single Tents, Twin/Double Tents), instead, the bathrooms and the showers are shared.
Each tent had beds, mattresses, blankets, and pillows.
We were very happy that each tent had electricity and we could see what we were doing while inside the tent.

We arrived at the camp in the evening and we have been welcomed with open arms and a piece of advice- to go quickly for a walk, not to lose the sunset at Little Petra.
Leaving the check-in for later, we quickly left for Little Petra site.
Unfortunately, it was closed when we arrived, but we had a very nice walk around it, watching the sunset over the reddish rock formations.

After two hours we came back to our camp and we had a wow moment. The camp was lit up with hundreds of candles all over the rock formation. Creating a magical atmosphere.

The camp offered traditional Bedouin cuisine served at their restaurant.
The meals were cooked in the camp according to traditional recipes.
It was very delicious. After dinner, we went to relax in a huge common traditional Bedouin tent, enjoying a heater, shisha, tea and a little bit of dancing. Of course, the live traditional music was a delight and kept us there till very late. Because we visited Jordan in late December, it was a little cold and we couldn’t enjoy the bonfire or sleeping under the stars.
If the weather allows you, you must experience a beautiful night sky next to a bonfire. It will be a unique ambiance and I m sure it will leave a lasting impression.
The staff was very friendly and ready to help us with everything.  For us, it was not needed but they can arrange for you different tours if you wish.

We had the best time.
An authentic experience of a Bedouin staying and their way of life for centuries old.
The incredible natural amphitheater of the typical Petra’s desert stones.
Warm and friendly people made our stay memorable.

You can find them on their website http://www.littlepetracamp.com/ or the booking.com
We made the reservation via booking and we didn’t have any problem. Everything was arranged for us.


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