If you are a nature lover and outdoor activities, hiking the Carpathian Mountains is a must things to do.
The Carpathian Mountains are one of the last wild mountains in Europe. Of course, there are not as famous as The Alps, or dramatic as the Himalayas, but they are spectacular.
The Carpathians stretches from the Czech Republic through Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine and ends in Romania.
Romania has one of the largest remaining areas of undisturbed forest in Europe.
There are 14 national parks in Romania, out of which 12 are located on or near the surface of the Carpathian Mountains.
Here they are divided into 3 geographical groups:

  • Eastern Carpathians
    • The Carpathians of Maramures and Bucovina,
    • The Moldavian-Transylvanian Carpathians and
    • The Curvature Carpathians
  • Southern Carpathians
    • Bucegi Mountains,
    • Făgăraș Mountains,
    • Parâng Mountains and
    • Retezat-Godeanu Mountains
  • Western Carpathians
    • Banat Mountains,
    • Poiana Ruscă Mountains and
    • Apuseni Mountains

Today we will tell you about Ciucas Mountains, which are part of the Eastern Carpathians and one of our famous mountain ranges in Romania.

One weekend we decided to have a wonderful hike to Ciucas Mountains.
We met our friends in Bucharest and drove for about 2 hours to Red Mountains Chalet, which was our hiking starting point.
Our hike was between Red Mountain Chalet, situated at 1,280 m altitude and Ciucas Chalet, located at 1,595 m altitude. In June, the mountain becomes the site of a unique phenomenon in Romania, the bloom of rhododendrons called also wild peonies.
The large surface area on which the flowering show takes place causes the mountain to become “red” during this period, hence the name- Red Mountain.
Many people come here every year in June to admire the red carpet of peony.

There are two ways to reach Ciucas Chalet.

  1. Red Mountains Chalet (1260m) –Nicolae Ioan fountain – Cabana Ciucas (1595m)
    Time: 2 hours
    Level: easy to medium
    Sign: Yellow line
  2. Red Mountains Chalet (1260m) – Crossroad sign – Gropsoarele Saddle – Ciucas Chalet
    Red Mountains Chalet (1260m) – Crossroad sign
    Time: approx. 1.5 hours
    Level: medium
    Sign: red triangle
    Crossroad sign – Gropsoarelor Saddle
    Time: approx. 0.45 hours
    Level: medium
    Sign: red cross
    Saua Gropsoarelor – Ciucas Chalet
    Time: approx. 1 hour
    Level: medium
    Sign: blue cross or red stripe

Red Mountains Chalet (1260m) – Crossroad sign
We chose the second trail, which we consider more spectacular.

First, we parked the cars safely closed to Red Mountain Chalet, on the side of the road.
Then, before, our hike, we took a deep breath of that healthy mountain air. In this area it big a high concentration of ozone in the air due to the dense pine and beech forests.The first part of the hike from the chalet to the Crossroad sign was the most difficult one.
Through the forest at the beginning, then in a continuous climb for about 2 hours.
I liked very much hiking in the forest. The morning sun was hiding through the thick forest. The smell of the trees in the early morning. Everything was amazing.

We climbed up to the weather station, then, follow a horizontal slope.
Here we took some time to enjoy the view and of course, to take some pictures.
So much green and so many flowers. I enjoyed that place like a small child.
I marveled at the green landscape, with forests and meadows, but also with rocky walls that were revealed only as far as you know they are there.

Soon after, we reached the alpine hollow, where the landscapes opened and think looked more and more beautiful.
Unfortunately, the rhododendrons we not yet in blossom. Therefore, we were not so lucky to see these amazing flowers.

Crossroad sign – Gropsoarele Saddle
The path went through the alpine hollow where the wind was strong.

Saua Gropsoarelor – Ciucas Hut
It was simply an amazing walk surrounded by the beautiful alpine nature.

Ciucas Hut
Finally, you can relax at this rustic-style hut, situated at1595 m. Here you will have a chance to relax and have a good meal- Romanian style or to do more hiking to the Ciucas pick or other trails.
We wanted to stay here for a while and simply relax. Away from the city craziness, here in the middle of nature.

After a while, we started our way back on a very steep concrete road.
In about 1 hour we were back to our cars.

This was a day trip from Bucharest, perfect for a weekend getaway.


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