In a hot August month, we decided to visit Italian Riviera for s few days and we included in our plan the famous Portofino, Cinque Terre, Portovenere and a less known Italian city called Lerici.

Lerici is a little town very close to La Spezia. Still untouched by mass tourism, it is the perfect place to fell and understand the authentic Italian coastal city vibe.
With its beautiful, lush hills and colored houses, Lerici is the perfect place if you are looking for a mix of nature, good food, authentic Italian community, and relaxation by the Mediterranean Sea.

A little bit of history
Due to its location on the sea and natural harbor, Lerici was a disputed land for many years since the Romans, Ligurians, Republic of Genoa, Republic of Pisa, when the fortification works and erection the castle began.
Then the area passed again from Genoese to the Florentine, to the Aragonese, and finally in 1479 returned to Genoa which finished the construction of the castle, the way we see it today.
But only after 1800, the city expanded and became a famous touristic place, especially for poets like Byron, Shelley, or Dante Alighieri inspiring them to live here and to write about it.
This way, Lerici gained its nickname as “Pearl of the Gulf of Poets”.

Because our accommodation was in La Spezia, which was near to Lerici. One early morning, we took a bus and in about 30 minutes we reach the small coastal town.
We were so happy to have found a city that has such an undeniably seaside beautiful just minutes from the Cinque Terre.
And I couldn’t imagine how such a beautiful city is unknown worldwide.
The small town became bustling only in July and August when Italians all over the northern part came here to relax.

For us, this was the thing that we were looking for. To feel the real Italian vibe. And we felt it from the first moment we arrived Lerici.
The small city was still sleeping in the morning, all the streets were empty.
Italians are known for their late morning start.

So we started to walk around the harbor, under the famous castle, the symbol of the city which was raised on a rocky promontory overlooking the whole bay.
Lerici felt like real Italy
Around town, children played beneath palm trees, old people chatting with their neighbors, white-haired men enjoying the newspaper and a coffee in waterfront cafe place. Some other locals were swimming and chatting directly on the promenade.
Loved it!

How to reach

By air
You will have a few options:

Milan airport
This airport is the easiest option for international flights all over the world.
Pisa airport
It is the closest airport to Lerici and it is directly connected to the railway network.
Genoa airport
This airport has fewer international flights, so it is not the best option.

By train
If you are planning to travel to Lerici by train, you have two options:

  • Take the regional train to La Spezia Train station (is around 10 km away from Lerici)
  • Take the regional train to Sarzana Train station (is around 8 km away from Lerici)

By bus
From La Spezia Train station
Just outside the train station, there is a bus station. You can take:
Bus Line LS (La Spezia –Sarzana via Lerici) or Bus Line S (La Spezia-Lerici)
Time 30 min
Single ticket: 3 euros

From Sarzana
Bus Line LS (Sarzana – La Spezia via Lerici)
Time 15 min
Single ticket: 1 euro


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