We are Roxana and Costin, couple at home and couple in all the adventures that life gives us.

We met 3 years ago, fell in love, discovered that we also shared the love of travel.
Together we decided that our happiness and love for travel and adventures was important enough to start our journey around the world. So, ever since, we are combining our corporate jobs with our love for travel and photography in pursuit of our dreams.

We don’t travel full time. We try to find the perfect mix between the adventures, new countries and the love for our home, family and our little things.
We don’t know where this journey would lead us, but we are sure that it will change us and will give us a remarkable life.

We started this blog, Instagram and Facebook account to help people get out from their comfort zone and have inspiration for great adventures. Because be consider that life is not only about working, getting married, making children and pay bills. Every person is special with unique dreams. Dreams that should me followed.

“Just imagine!
Sun kisses your hear, starting a day where everything will be new, a day that won’t be repeated once again.
See places that you can’t even remember, and remember places you have never been to.
Laugh in other language and share feeling with people you have just met.
Feel the adrenaline rush! Dive and discover the joy of uncertainty!
All this will change your life. You will discovered that there are no boundaries, because boundaries do not exist.
You will be a different person! You will change! You will be free!”

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