1 day in Bergamo

Bergamo is a small town in Lombardy, Italy, very close to Milan. The city is often overlooked by tourists who arrive to Italy with low cost airlines and head straight to Milan or just take another flight to somewhere else. This was also our case. On the way to Spain we had to spend a night in Bergamo before our next flight, but this time we had a full day to enjoy the charming little city. So, we dropped our bags and headed to the Upper town. Bergamo offers little treasures like museums, ancient palaces, churches and monuments that can be compared with those of other more important Italian cities. The city is divided into two parts – the Upper Town, or “Citta Alta”, and the newer, Lower City, or “bassa città.” Main point of interest is the Citta alta, that’s where the whole magic of Bergamo is. Citta Alta…


Although it is not so difficult to reach Bari, I didn’t have the chance to visit this city till now. Bari is a small…

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