Exploring Angkor Wat – Everything you need to know

Angkor was once one of largest cities in the world, the capital of the Khmer Empire and the Royal center during one of the most prosperous and largest dynasties in Southern Asia. 1,000 years ago, the Khmer empire, strategically located between China and India, has used complex agriculture techniques to develop a civilization that has dominated Asia for hundreds of years. Angkor means the Holy City and it was the symbol of the universe and the symbol city of the empire. It took 27 kings to construct it and spread across 400 sq km of land. It was a megacity with a complex system of infrastructure, including roads, canals, reservoirs and irrigation systems supporting around 1,000,000 people. The wood and straw homes in which people once lived have long disappeared, and only the imposing stone temples still remain today. It is called “Angkor” Archeological Park, and it is one of the most…

A day to the Floating village of Kompong Khleang

In our two week trip to Thailand, we could not miss a visit to the near and famous Angkor Wat. So we took a flight from Bangkok directly to Siem Reap and spent two days there. Many people are only visiting Angkor Wat, skipping the rest of the things that you can experience in the area. We used the first day to see the Siem Reap region, the mighty Tonle Sap Lake and the famous floating village. Tonle Sap Lake or the Great Lake More than three million people inhabit the banks of this lake and 90% of them earn their living by fishing and working in agriculture around Tonle Sap Lake. The Lake is the largest freshwater area in South East Asia and its dimension and flow change depending on the monsoon and dry season. During the dry season (November to May) its size is about 3,000 square kilometers and two meters in…

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