Most Amazing Things to do in China

China’s size is incredible, stretching from the East China Sea all the way west to Central Asia. This is a country formed by so many territories: so different from each other and yet so similar. The Middle Kingdom, as it is called, is a country of superlatives—the most people, the largest palace complex, the highest skyscrapers—but looking closer and you’ll see also rural tribes working in the rice fields; the tea is still harvested by hand; people in some parts still live like in ancient times. After our 15 days trip through China we gathered for you amazing things to see and do in China. Here there are: 1.Hike the Great Wall of China Without a doubt, the most recognizable symbol of China’s rich history is the Great Wall. The 21,196 km long fortification, stretches from Dandong in the country’s east, all the way to Lop Lake in its west.…

25 Things to know before visiting China

After several long Dynasties of conservative emperors, China started to develop and change. Nowadays, being tourist-oriented, it attracts more and more people that come to visit every year. It has so many things to offer: impressive architecture, spectacular natural wonders, exotic culture and rich history. After 15 days in China, you can see below some of our top tips for going to China and hopefully, these will help you prepare to discover what a wonderfully challenging and beautiful country China is, without finding this the hard way. 1. Plan your trip Planning a trip to China is an exciting adventure itself. You will have to plan every aspect of your trip from A to Z, before arriving in China because once there, it will be nearly impossible to access all the information that you will need or find people that speak English. So, plan your trip in detail before departure. Also,…

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