Three days in Puglia, in the Italy’s heel – The ultimate travel guide

Rome, Venice or Tuscany are usually Italy’s highlights, but hiding down, in the heel of Italy, you find Puglia, one of the country’s unpolished gems. While other Italy destinations have tended to steal the highlights, over the last years Puglia has finally made a push for inclusion as one of the must-see areas of this beautiful country. Now after we visited Puglia region, I agree that it should rank very highly on Europe’s most desirable places to visit. Why? Well, because it has everything that Italy can offer: unique places, food, wine, culture and history… and it is much cheaper than other Italian destinations. Producing 80% of Europe’s pasta and a wide variety of food, especially fresh and delicious veggies, the region is a foodie heaven and everywhere you travel you find different dishes, specific to each town. We stayed for three days in the region and we couldn’t be…

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