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Thailand Two Weeks Itinerary – How to spend the Perfect 14 Days in Thailand

The two weeks in Thailand will be the most memorable and incredible journey! You will have pristine and perfect beaches, delicious cuisine, wild adventure, authentic communities, impressive sky bars, and so many more things. You only have to be ready for the adventure. We have put together this itinerary for you to visit as much as possible the amazing things that Thailand has to offer in a maximized time. We only hope that this itinerary will take your stress away and it will be on your taste. Here is a quick summary of this itinerary for Thailand in two weeks: Bangkok: 3 days Phi Phi Islands: 1 day Krabi/Ao Nang: 4 days Chiang Mai: 4 days Bangkok: 1 day Day 1 Flying to Bangkok Most probably, your adventure will start in Bangkok. Being the capital city most of airlines company have good connections at good prices. In general, we use…

Most Amazing Things to do in Thailand

Thailand, also known as the Land of Smiles, is one of the most touristic places on the planet. Even so, it is a country that offers you once in a lifetime experiences. Most of the people think that Thailand is only about white sand beaches with palm trees and paradisiac pristine golf. Well, Thailand has so much more to offer. Here are some of the most amazing things to do in Thailand. Chat with a Monk In Chiang Mai, there is an opportunity to chat with Buddhist monks due to an exchange program that takes place in various temples. Discussions usually involve young priest during the training period. It is an excellent way for you to understand the culture and religion and also how they see life and its values. And in return, the monks improve their English. Don’t lose moments like this in your travels, because you can learn…

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