Following the footsteps of Notorious Drug Lord Pablo Escobar

Just before our departure to Colombia, we have read a top of the most dangerous countries on the globe and Colombia was number 1. “Ups! No way, the situation can be that bad” I said to myself. It is true that Colombia has been the playground of drun Lords for more than 50 years, but today it is a better country that attracts more and more tourists.  We spent a week in Colombia and we can say we never felt unsafe, in fact, some day we want to return to this place. Well, the reality is that after 50 years of internal conflict in which over 200,000 people died and over 4 million emigrated, things have improved. In 2016, President Juan Manuel Santos signed a peace treaty with the guerrilla group, the FARC, ending the longest conflict in the Americas. It is not all perfect, of course. Drugs are still…

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