Romanian Road Trip from Bucharest to Maramures

At first glance, you might think that Romania doesn’t have too much to offer. This was my first thought too, and then I started to discover little by little this amazing country. This year, for the 1st of May break, we decided to go to Maramures. If you are looking for a vacation where you can experience the Authentic, Natural and Cultural, then this is the right choice. A trip to Romania can for sure offer you countless unique travel experiences, ones maybe forgotten in Western Europe. Especially, because you can have beautiful road tfrom the  Unique Danube Delta to a beautiful, intact, medieval town in Transylvania; from Bucharest to the Black Sea with its sun-kissed beaches; from Southern Transylvania to  Bucovina or Maramures. Or to a step back in time as you visit one of the world’s famous painted monasteries in Bucovina, the ancient, hilltop citadel in Sighisoara or an…

Turda Salt Mine | One of the coolest underground places in the world

Salt has been known to be a valuable commodity that people used to kill for in the past. In those days only rich people would have salt on their table, as it used to be very expensive because it was brought from far away. Besides cuisine, salt is used in in medicine, cosmetics and much more. In Romania there are many salt mines. Some of them are still active, some are closed for mining but used as treatment centers and museums.Turda Salt Mine is the most famous one. It is placed in Turda city, not far from Cluj-Napoca, in the north-east of Romania. This mine is very old. The digging was started by the Romans. Since the 13th century till 1932 the mine was active. Between 1932 and 1992 it was closed, and when it was reopened to the public for visits and for medical purposes: the air in the…

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